How to get every new Shiny form in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Laura Gray

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet add new Shiny variations for players to hunt down and capture. Below is a list of all new Shiny Pokemon around the Paldea region, and how players can catch them.

Shiny hunting is one of the most popular mechanics of modern Pokemon games. Players spend time hunting down alternately colored Pokemon species to catch and add to teams, and even obtain ways to improve the Shiny odds of different games. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have added plenty of new Shiny species for trainers to hunt down, and a new way to boost Shiny encounters.

The base Shiny odds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a possible 1/4096. This means the chance of bumping into a Shiny without any boosts is very low. While Pokemon will now appear Shiny in the overworld of Paldea, finding a full-odds random spawn is still a special treat.

However, players can improve their odds by crafting sandwiches with the “Sparkling Power” after they have beaten the game, by increasing the spawn of certain types with the sandwich “Encounter Power”, and by unlocking the Shiny Charm after completing the Paldea National Pokedex.

Be sure to check out our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny hunting guide and our Best shiny sandwich recipes so that you can start catching ’em all in the most efficient way.

Shiny Hunting Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Bellibolt’s Shiny form in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is bright yellow

Every new Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Below is every new Shiny variation players can encounter while exploring Paldea:

PokemonShiny FormHuntable?
Sprigatitoshiny sprigatitoBreeding Only
Floragatoshiny floragatoEvo Only
Meowscaradashiny meowscaradaEvo Only
FuecocoBreeding Only
Crocalorshiny crocalorEvo Only
Skeledirgeshiny skeledirgeEvo Only
Quaxlyshiny quaxlyBreeding Only
Quaxwellshiny quaxwellEvo Only
Quaquavalshiny quaquavalEvo Only
Lechonkshiny lechonkYes
Oinkologneshiny oinkologneYes
Tarountulashiny tarountulaYes
Spidopsshiny spidopsYes
Nymbleshiny nymbleYes
Lokixshiny lokixYes
Pawmishiny pawmiYes
Pawmoshiny pawmoYes
Pawmotshiny pawmotEvo Only
Paldean Woopershiny paldean wooperYes
Clodsireshiny clodsireYes
Tandemausshiny tandemausYes
Mausholdshiny mausholdEvo Only
Fidoughshiny fidoughYes
Dachsbunshiny dachsbunYes
Smolivshiny smolivYes
Dollivshiny dollivYes
Arbolivashiny arbolivaEvo Only
Squawkabillyshiny squawkabillyYes
Naclishiny nacliYes
Naclstackshiny naclstackYes
Garganaclshiny garganaclYes
Charcadetshiny charcadetYes
Armarougeshiny armarougeEvo Only
Ceruledgeshiny ceruledgeEvo Only
Tadbulbshiny tadbulbYes
Belliboltshiny belliboltYes
Wattrelshiny wattrelYes
Kilowattrelshiny kilowattrelYes
Dudunsparceshiny dudunsparceYes
Farigirafshiny farigirafYes
Maschiffshiny maschiffYes
Mabosstiffshiny mabosschifYes
Shroodleshiny shroodleYes
Grafaiaishiny grafaiaiYes
Bramblinshiny bramblinYes
Brambleghastshiny bramblegastEvo Only
Toedscoolshiny toedscoolYes
Toedscruelshiny toedscruelYes
Capsakidshiny capsakidYes
Scovillainshiny scovillainYes
Rellorshiny rellorYes
Rabscashiny rabscaEvo Only
Flittleshiny flittleYes
Espathrashiny espathraYes
Tinkatinkshiny tinkatinkYes
Tinkatuffshiny tinkatuffYes
Tinkatonshiny tinkatonEvo Only
Klawfshiny klawfYes
Wiglettshiny wiglettYes
Wugtrioshiny wugtrioYes
Bombirdiershiny bombirdierYes
Finizenshiny finizenYes
Palafinshiny palafinEvo Only
Varoomshiny varoomYes
Revavroomshiny revaroomYes
Cyclizarshiny cyclizarYes
Orthwormshiny orthwormYes
Glimmetshiny glimmetYes
Glimmorashiny glimmoraYes
Greavardshiny greavardYes
Houndstoneshiny houndstoneYes
Flamigoshiny flamigoYes
Cetoddleshiny cetoddleYes
Cetitanshiny cetitanYes
Kingambitshiny kingambitEvo Only
Dondozoshiny dondozoYes
Tatsugirishiny tatsugiriYes
Paldean Taurosshiny taurosYes
Great Tuskshiny great tuskYes
Scream Tailshiny scream tailYes
Brute Bonnetshiny brute bonnetYes
Flutter Maneshiny flutter maneYes
Slither Wingshiny slither wingYes
Sandy Shocksshiny sandy shocksYes
Iron Treadsshiny iron treadsYes
Iron Bundleshiny iron bundleYes
Iron Handsshiny iron handsYes
Iron Jugulisshiny iron jugulisYes
Iron Mothshiny iron mothYes
Iron Thornsshiny iron thornsYes
Frigibaxshiny frigibaxYes
Arctibaxshiny arctibaxYes
Baxcaliburshiny baxcaliburEvo Only
Gimmighoulshiny gimmighoulNo
Gholdengoshiny gholdengoEvo Only
Wo-Chienshiny wo-chienNo
Chien-PaoShiny Chien-PaoNo
Ting-Lushiny ting-luNo
Chi-Yushiny chi-yuNo
Roaring Moonshiny roaring moonYes
Iron Valiantshiny iron valiantYes
Koraidonshiny koraidonNo
Miraidonshiny miraidonNo
AnnihilapeEvo Only

So, there you have it — that’s all of the Shiny forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet so far!

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