How to find Legendary Wo-Chien in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All stake locations

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A new Legendary Quartet makes its devastating debut in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Still, trainers will have to hunt down eight mysterious stakes to encounter the Ruinous Pokemon Wo-Chien.

Early in a trainer’s journey through Paldea, they might stumble upon a giant glowing purple door along the eastern wall of South Province (Area One). And upon further inspection, it is revealed that the door is sealed shut, locking an unspeakable evil inside.

Wo-Chien, a snail-like Grass/Dark-Type, is the grudge of a person punished for writing the king’s evil deeds on wooden tables. This bitterness clung to dead leaves, becoming one of the four Legendaries in the Dark Quartet.

This guide will help players unlock Wo-Chien’s shrine in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in order to slay or capture the evil within.

wo-chien pokemon scarlet violet

How to open Wo-Chien’s shrine in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To open Wo-Chien’s shrine, players must locate eight purple Mysterious Stakes scattered across the South Province (Area One, Three, & Five). The map below shows the exact location of every stake.

pokemon scarlet violet wo-chien stakesEach purple flag indicates where players find a purple Mysterious Stake to free Wo-Chien

These stakes are found at any point throughout the game’s story, meaning players could encounter Wo-Chien first thing if they wanted. However, the Legendary quartet is powerful, and each member is at a high level, meaning you might want to wait until late in the game to take on these powerful Pokemon.

Once the stakes are pulled, players can return to Wo-Chien’s shrine on the eastern wall of South Province (Area One) to begin their battle with the ancient snail.

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