How to get Koraidon & Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet Violet: Ride and Battle modes explained

Koraidon and Miraidon Legendaries in PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Koraidon and Miraidon are the box Legendaries for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and here is how you can get them as rideable monsters and as members of your party during your adventure in Paldea.

After it was revealed that players would ride across Paldea on the backs of Koraidon and Miraidon, Pokemon fans wondered when they would acquire these Legendary beasts in Scarlet & Violet. GameFreak would later release trailers showing the Legendaries would join trainers from the start of their journey.

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This is an unprecedented change to the formula, as players usually acquire their Legendary Pokemon near the story’s ending. Some games – Pokemon Sword & Shield – even make players wait until the post-game to get the box Legendary.

While Scarlet & Violet gives players the Legendaries up front, it isn’t until later that their full potential is unlocked.

When do you get Koraidon and Miraidon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet start like any other Pokemon game. Players are met with a professor of sorts, they pick their starter Pokemon, and they follow their rival to the first town. However, trainers in Scarlet & Violet are stopped short as halfway to the first town, they are met with the games’ Legendaries: Koraidon & Miraidon.

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Koraidon is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, and Miraidon is exclusive to Pokemon Violet. They will join you shortly after but won’t be able to battle. Instead, they are like the mount Pokemon in Legends Arceus and can be summoned as rideable creatures.

Koraidon & Miraidon will gain mobility options throughout the game – flying, climbing, swimming – after trainers complete different Titan challenges.

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How to get Koraidon and Miraidon Battle modes

Sadly, players won’t be able to add their legendary companions to their battle teams until after the credits roll. This is because Koraidon and Miradion don’t gain the ability to fight until the end of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s story.

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In short, you have to beat the game to add Koradion and Miraidon to your party.

Once they unlock the ability to battle, players can switch between their battle and ride forms from the pause menu.

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