How to find Legendary Ting-Lu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All stake locations

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced four brand-new Legendary Pokemon in Generation 9, known as Ruinous Pokemon. Here’s how trainers traveling across Paldea can find and catch one of the four, Ting-Lu.

While traveling the vast Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, trainers may stumble across a strange green, glowing gate in the mountains above Casserova Lake. When players inspect this glowing gate, a message appears telling them an unspeakable evil is sealed inside.

Ting-Lu, a sturdy Moose-like Pokemon made of dirt and rocks, is said to be an ancient ritual vessel that came to life after fear was poured into it. Thus, one of the Dark Quartet that players can catch throughout Paldea was born.

This guide will tell players everything they need to know about unlocking Ting-Lu’s shrine and how to catch it for themselves.

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Ting-Lu resembles a stone Moose made of rocks with an ancient vessel affixed to its head.

How to open Ting-Lu’s shrine in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In order to open Wo-Chien’s shrine, players first need to locate eight green Mysterious Stakes scattered across the northwestern section of Paldea. Specifically, surrounding Casserova Lake and in West Province (Area Two).

The map below shows the exact location of every stake.

All stake locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet violet ting-lu stake location map
Each green flag indicates one of the eight Mysterious Stakes players need to find to release Ting-Lu.

It’s important to note that these stakes are found at any point throughout the game’s story. This means players could encounter Ting-Lu early in their adventure if they really wanted to.

However, the Legendary Quartet is very powerful with each member being at a very high level. As such, trainers might want to wait until late in the game to take on these powerful Pokemon.

Once the stakes are pulled, players can return to Ting-Lu’s shrine in the mountains to the north Casserova Lake to begin their battle with the Ruinous Pokemon.

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