Where to find Klawf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Klawf is a brand-new Rock-type Pokemon trainers can encounter in Scarlet & Violet and one of the first Titan Pokemon revealed. Here’s everything players need to know about finding the titanic Ambush Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company revealed a handful of Pokemon before Scarlet & Violet launched, with one of those Pokemon being the Rock-type Klawf.

Klawf quickly became the subject of many memes in the community, with trainers loving its bugging eyeballs and blank stare.

This guide will show players exactly where they need to go to catch Klawf for themselves in Scarlet & Violet and if it has an evolution method.

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Where to find Klawf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Klawf can be found in the rocky terrain in South Providence (Area Three). Notably, Klawf often clings to walls on the side of cliffs, so trainers may need to look up to find the Rock-type crab Pokemon to initiate a battle.

pokemon scarlet violet klawf locationThe Pokemon Company
Klawf is only found in South Providence (Area Three) and is often found clinging to the side of cliffs.

Does Klawf evolve?

Unfortunately, Klawf is not known to evolve into any other form. Players expecting to train up a Klawf as part of their own team should understand that what you see is what you get with this Pokemon.

Still, Klawf is a sturdy Rock-type with solid Defense and Attack stats, so despite not having an evolution it should be a solid asset to any player’s team when traveling across Paldea.

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Klawf as a Titan Pokemon

Additionally, Klawf is one of the early Titans players can face by pursuing Arven’s storyline in Scarlet & Violet. Titan Klawf, known as the Stony Cliff Titan, is fought in South Providence (Area Three) as well.

However, players won’t be able to catch Titan Klawf after battling it, as it will disappear once the battle is over.

And that’s everything players need to know about finding and catching Klawf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Players journeying through Paldea can find more of our Pokemon guides below.

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