Where to find Cetoddle & Cetitan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

cetitan pokemon scarlet violet

Here is where players can find the Terra Whale Pokemon Cetitan and its pre-evolution Cetoddle in the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Cetitan was first shown in the battle overview trailer in August 2022, and players instantly fell in love with this massive ice monster. Not only were they fans of its designs but also of how viable Cetitan can be in competitive play.

But in Paldea, players are likely to run into its pre-evolution – Cetoddle – before they find Cetitan, and they may be wondering how they can evolve the cutesy baby land whale into the monstrosity that is Cetitan.

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This guide will show players where to find Cetoddle and Cetitan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and how its evolution method works.


Where to find Cetoddle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Cetoddle can be found all over Glaseado Mountains, even the portions that aren’t covered in snow. It will take some time to get here as it is in the North Province, filled with high-level Pokemon. The earliest a trainer can find a Cetoddle is near Zapapico.

How to get Cetitan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Cetitan is found in a much smaller area, only spawning in a few locations in the most northern regions of Glaseado Mountain. Cetitan is also a rare spawn which means it’s less likely to spawn than other Pokemon in the North Province.

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Additionally, players can evolve their Cetoddle into Cetitan using an Ice Stone. These can be found around Glaseado Mountain as tiny yellow sparkles on the ground.

cetitan locations

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