How to get Quaxly, Quaxwell & Quaquaval in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Quaxly Pokemon Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company

Scarlet & Violet fans looking for a solid Water-type Pokemon in Gen 9’s Paldea region can select the starter Quaxly. Here is everything to know about how to obtain and evolve the adorable duck.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have a difficult challenge as their first step in traveling the vast Paldea region. Like always, Gen 9 will offer three different starter Pokemon for players to pick between: Fire, Water, and Grass types. Those wanting a powerful Water-type early in the game may be interested in selecting Quaxly.

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Quaxly resembled a small duck with a thick cloud of hair-like feathers on top of its head. It has been a popular option among fans for its quirky personality and evolutionary forms, as well as putting a distinct bird-inspired spin on a Water-type starter.

Below is everything players need to know about obtaining Quaxly and how to evolve it on their journey.

Where to find Quaxly in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Those wanting to pick the little duck as their partner will be able to do so by selecting it as a starter Pokemon or trading for it with friends.

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Quaxly, a water type Pokemon in Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company
Quaxly takes good care of its feathers

After picking Quaxly as a starter – or obtaining it through a trade – players will also be able to breed it via the Pokemon Picnic to obtain a Quaxly with higher stats or to find a Shiny.

How to evolve Quaxly into Quaxwell

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will see their Quaxly evolve into Quaxwell at level 16.

Quaxwell is also a Water-type, and similar to Gen 6’s starter Froakie, enters an “awkward” second stage where it is taller but lacks the detail that alludes to its third evolution. Its head feathers are the prominent focal point of this design, expanding in size.

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How to evolve Quaxwell into Quaquaval

After a good deal of hard work and training, Quaxwell will evolve into Quaquaval at level 36.

After evolving, Quaquaval will become a Water/Fighting-type. This will offer two strong move sets for player teams. Quaquaval’s appearance is similar to many other Fighting-types, possessing long legs, grippy feet, and a powerful stance.

Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval Abilities

Quaxly will have one of two Abilities when it is received as a starter in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet or hatched from an egg: Torrent or Moxie.

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The Ability Torrent increases the power of Water-type moves when the user’s HP is low, while the Moxie increases the Attack stat of the user as it knocks out other Pokemon.

Moxie is an excellent Ability for any Fighting-type Pokemon, as many moves are strong enough to nearly take an opponent out in one hit. This will make Quaquaval with Moxie a powerful asset for any player’s team.

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