How to find Legendary Chien-Pao in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All stake locations

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Players can discover and catch a brand-new group of Legendary Pokemon known as the Dark Quartet in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Here’s how you can travel across Paldea to find and catch one of the four, Chien-Pao.

While traveling the vast Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, trainers may stumble across a strange yellow, glowing gate in the mountains of West Province (Area One). When players inspect this glowing gate, a message appears telling them an unspeakable evil is sealed inside.

Chien-Pao, a weasel-like Dark/Ice-type Pokemon with swords for fangs, is said to be the essence of hatred those who were killed by the sword long ago had. That hatred, clad in snow, became one of the members of the Dark Quartet that players can catch throughout Paldea.

Bellow is everything you need to know about unlocking Chien-Pao’s shrine and how to catch it for yourself.

chien-pao pokedex info scarlet violet
Chien-Pao is a Dark/Ice-type Pokemon that resembles a weasel with swords for fangs.

How to open Chien-Pao’s shrine in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In order to open Chien-Pao’s shrine, players first need to locate eight yellow Mysterious Stakes scattered across the southwestern section of Paldea. Specifically, the stakes are located around West Province (Areas One) and South Province (Areas Two and Six).

The map below shows the exact location of every stake.

pokemon scarlet violet chie-pao stake locations
Each yellow flag indicates one of the eight Mysterious Stakes players need to find to release Chien-Pao.

It’s important to note that these stakes can be found at any point throughout the game’s story. This means players could encounter Chien-Pao early in their adventure if they so wish. However, these Legendary Pokemon are very strong so players should be prepared for a challenging fight when unlocking each shrine.

Once the stakes are pulled, players can return to Chien-Pao’s shrine in West Province (Area One) where rocks are rolling down the mountain on the far left side of the Province. Once there you will have the chance to battle Chien-Pao.

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