Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny sandwiches: All recipes for Sparkling Power 3

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pokemon scarlet violet shiny sandwiches

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the best way to boost Shiny Pokemon spawn rates is through Shiny sandwiches’ Sparkling Power 3. To help you out in the kitchen, here are all the Shiny sandwich recipes available in the game to go Shiny hunting.

Shiny hunting has never been easier than in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with overworld Shinies, the Shiny charm being a breeze to acquire, and a new method that increases those odds tremendously.

This new method is making sandwiches. Believe it or not, players can make special sandwiches when hosting a picnic, increasing their odds of finding a shiny.

But with the overwhelming number of ingredients players have at their disposal, discovering these Shiny sandwich recipes on your own is a bit of a challenge. That’s where this guide comes in, showing players the easiest ways to make sandwiches with Sparkling Power 3.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny rates

Base Odds11/4096
Shiny Charm31/1365.67
Sparkling Power 341/1024.38
Sparkling Power 3 + Shiny Charm61/683.08
Sparkling Power 3 + Shiny Odds + 60 Cleared Outbreak81/512.44

All Shiny Sandwiches with any Herba Mystica

As trainers farming Herba Mystica might already be aware, it can be difficult to stock up on specific types. That’s where this next table comes in. While these recipes require more ingredients, they don’t require a specific Herba Mystica, making them more accessible.

These recipes were discovered by SilentDestroyerSR, and they follow a specific pattern.

  1. Use one Cucumber + one Pickle.
  2. Select two Herba Mystica.
  3. Use the three ingredients the desired type requires.
FireRed Pepper
ElectricYellow Pepper
IceKlawf Stick
PoisonGreen Bell Pepper
BugCherry Tomato
GhostRed Onion
DarkSmoked Fillet
pokemon scarlet violet shiny sandwich

These combinations guarantee a Sparkling Power 3 + Title Power 3 + Encounter Power 3. However, there are some exceptions to take note of when making your Shiny sandwiches:

  • You shouldn’t mix x1 Sweet and x1 Sour.
  • Using x2 Sweet won’t work for Normal/Water/Fighting/Bug/Dragon/Fairy.
  • Using x2 Sour won’t work for Normal/Ice/Bug/Ghost/Dragon/Fairy.

All Shiny Sandwiches with specific Herba Mystica

The sandwich recipes listed below were discovered by TTiN and tested by Austin John Plays. They require two specific Herba Mystica and one additional ingredient to get Sparkling Power 3, Encounter Power 3, and Title Power 3.

The combinations go like this:

BugCherry TomatoesSalty x 2
DarkSmoked FilletSalty & Sweet
DragonAvacadoSalty x 2
ElectricYellow Bell PepperSalty & Spicy
FairyTomatoSalty x 2
FightingPicklesSalty x 2
FireBasilSalty & Sweet
FlyingProscuittoSalty x 2
GhostRed OnionSalty x 2
GrassLettuceSalty & Sour
GroundHamSalty x 2
IceKlawf StickSalty x 2
NormalChorizoSalty x 2
PoisonNoodlesSalty x 2
PsychicOnionSalty x 2
RockJalapenoSalty x 2
SteelBurgerSalty & Sweet
WaterCucumberSalty x 2
Sparkling Power Scarlet & Violet guide

Academy Special All-Type Sparkling Sandwich

The second part of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC introduced the ultimate Shiny sandwich recipe to the game and it’s called the Academy Special All-Type Sparkling Sandwich.

The most important part about this addition is that the new recipe doesn’t need any type of Herba Mystica, as players can just buy it from the chef at the Blueberry Academy’s Cafeteria for 150 BP. It has the following characteristics:

  • Egg Power (Lvl. 1): Increases the chance of finding Eggs during picnics.
  • Sparkling Power (Lvl. 1): Increases the chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon in the wild.
  • Catching Power (Lvl. 2): Increases your overall catch rates.

Of course, to access the Academy Special All-Type Sparkling Sandwich players need to acquire The Indigo Disk DLC and travel to the Blueberry Academy. If you’re new to the expansion, here’s what Blueberry Quests are and how you can get Blueberry Points (BP) to stock yourself with plenty of sandwiches.

How to get Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While some ingredients can change in these recipes, one thing is constant: the need for two Herba Mystica per sandwich. But unlike all of the other sandwich ingredients, players can’t buy these at a store.

Instead, players have to complete five & six-star Tera Raid battles for a chance to earn Herba Mystica as a reward. Five-star Tera Raid battles are unlocked after you beat the main story, and six-star raids are unlocked after you beat the post-game story.

herba mystica drop from tera raid

That being said, beating a high-level Tera Raid battle doesn’t guarantee any Herba Mystica will drop, meaning players will likely have to complete many raids to earn Herba Mystica for their shiny hunting endeavors. Or you could get lucky and have multiple Herba Mystica drops from a single raid.

That’s everything you need to know about Shiny sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Remember to check out our guides with all the regular sandwiches in the game, as well as the trade codes to get you every starter and exclusive Pokemon available.

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