How to get Delibird & Iron Bundle in Pokemon Scarlet Violet: Paradox form

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Delibird is another Pokemon to get a brand new paradox form exclusive to Pokemon Violet, known as Iron Bundle. Here’s everything Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers need to know about Delibird.

Various older Pokemon return in Scarlet & Violet, including a handful from Generation 2, like Phanpy and Donphan.

Similarly to Donphan and its new paradox form, Delibird also returns in Generation 9 with a Paradox form of its own called Iron Bundle.

This guide will go over where players can get the Delivery Pokemon Delibird for themselves, as well as where and when its Future form, Iron Bundle, can be found.

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How to get Delibird in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Given Delibird is part Ice-type, trainers should expect the tiny penguin-like Pokemon to be found in the coldest area of Paldea.

Specifically, players can find Delibird across the snow-covered Glaseado Mountain region. Additionally, players should be able to find Delibird near North Province (Area Three), but only around the land where snow is present.

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While traveling across the Glaseado Mountain range, players should have no problem finding Delibird.

Where to find Iron Bundle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Paradox form

While Delibird is still a single-stage Pokemon, meaning it is not known to evolve any further, it did receive a new form in Generation 9.

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This new form is called Iron Bundle and features an Ice/Water typing instead of Delibird’s standard Ice/Flying typing.

Trainers can find and catch Iron Bundle at the location below:

  • The Great Crater of Paldea (Area Zero) – trainers must have seen the game’s credits first

However, it’s important to note that Iron Bundle is a Future paradox form, meaning it is exclusive to players who own Pokemon Violet version. As such, those who own Pokemon Scarlet version will have to receive Iron Bundle through trading, as it can’t be found in the wild.

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And that’s everything players need to know about finding Delibird and Iron Bundle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Those looking to find out more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can check out our other guides below:

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