Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ultimate Shiny hunting guide

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Shiny Pokemon are not easy to find, even less so in the vast region of Paldea. To make it easier for avid Shiny hunters, we’ve gathered all the data you need about these special variations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, including odds, methods, special items, and all about the Mass Outbreaks Shiny rates.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are eager to begin the hunt for rare, alternatively colored Shiny Pokemon in the Paldea region. These special Pokemon don’t have boosted stats or rare moves, but instead, possess a coloration that differs from their standard appearances.

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Stumbling across a shiny Pokemon by accident is extremely unlikely. Instead, to specifically hunt shiny Pokemon you will need to utilize Shiny hunting methods to greatly boost the odds of an encounter.

Below is everything players need to know about Shiny hunting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shiny odds explained

The base Shiny odds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a possible 1/4096. These odds can be improved by crafting sandwiches that boost Shiny rates, encountering Pokemon at Mass Outbreaks, and obtaining the Shiny charm.

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Using all of the methods available to you it’s possible to drop the base Shiny odd all the way down to 1/512. This requires the use of a Shiny Charm during a Mass Outbreak where over 60 Pokemon have been defeated or captured.

Shiny Dolliv Pokemon Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Dolliv in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To obtain the Shiny Charm you will need to complete the entirety of Paldea’s Pokedex. This requires you to have owned or captured all 400 unique Pokemon that feature in the base game. Any Pokemon exclusive to Tera Raid events are not required to obtain the Shiny Charm.

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These Pokemon can either be obtained by capturing them in the wild or trading other players. Those who only own one version of either Pokemon Scarlet or Violet will have to trade to complete the Pokedex.

After registering all 400 Pokemon you need to speak to Professor Jacq, found in the Biology Lab in Naranja Academy, Mesagoza. He will hand over the Shiny Charm as a reward for your hard work.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny hunting methods explained

Pokémon Scarlet violet shinyThe Pokemon Company
Looking to snag yourself a Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet or Violet? Here are the best shiny hunting methods.

How does the Masuda Method work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can breed Shiny Pokemon using the Masuda Method, a classic breeding strategy that has existed since Gen 3.

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Breeding is different in the Gen 9 games as it is no longer tied to a Pokemon Daycare. Instead, Eggs are obtained via a Pokemon Picnic when compatible species are put together. For two species to be compatible they need to be in the same Egg Group or have Ditto as one of the parents.

These Eggs can be influenced by making different sandwiches that boost breeding and Shiny rates while using the Picnic. An easy sandwich to make that boosts Egg Power is the Jam Sandwich which requires x1 Strawberry and x1 Jam.

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To use the Masuda method, players put two compatible Pokemon together from games in different languages. The best strategy is to acquire a foreign Ditto through trading and then pair that Ditto with the Pokemon you want to breed.

The Eggs these Pokemon produced have a higher chance of being Shiny. Without a Shiny Charm, this rate is a possible 1/683. With the Shiny Charm, the odds are 1/512.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny hunting method: Let’s Go!

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players will have the ability to let their party members free-roam in certain areas. They will be able to battle wild Pokemon independently of their trainer, but they will not defeat the Shiny Pokemon they encounter.

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This is useful for clearing Mass Outbreaks of non-shiny Pokemon quickly without having to worry about accidentally defeating them. Plus it’s useful for differentiating Shiny Pokemon from their ordinary counterparts in cases where the changes are more subtle.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Sandwich recipes method

Pokemon Picnic SandwichThe Pokemon Company
Check out our full list of sandwich recipes.

How to use sandwich recipes to get Shiny Pokemon

Players can make “Sparkling Power” sandwiches after beating the game. Using the Herba Mystica that drops as a reward for beating 5-Star Raids, players can craft sandwiches that boost the “Sparkling Power” of certain Pokemon.

Combined with other powers, these sandwiches can also force a large number of specific Pokemon types to spawn, improving the odds of finding a Shiny even further.

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Check out our full guide with the list of best shiny sandwich recipes in Pokemon Scarlet & Viole here.

Shiny rates for all Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As with other newer entries in the Pokemon series, Scarlet and Violet lets players find Mass Outbreaks in Paldea.

Outbreaks for certain Pokemon species will appear on the map at random, allowing players to go and encounter a large number of the same Pokemon species. It’s possible to reset Outbreaks to get a Pokemon you want by changing the Date and Time on your Switch.

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Outbreaks can be found on the map signalled by a flashing image of the affected Pokemon. If the affected Pokemon hasn’t been discovered yet it will appear as a question mark instead.

By knocking out a certain number of Pokemon in an outbreak, Shiny chances improve. This can also be stacked with the Sparking Power and the Shiny Charm. Below are the Shiny rates as provided by Sibuna Switch.

KnockoutsShiny RollsShiny Rate
Base rate11/4096
Outbreak: 30-59 cleared21/2048.25
Outbreak: 60+ cleared31/1365.67
Sparkling PowerKnockoutsShiny RollsShiny Rate
Sparkling Power Lv. 3041/1024.38
Sparkling Power Lv. 3Outbreak: 30-59 cleared51/819.60
Sparkling Power Lv. 3Outbreak: 60+ cleared61/683.08
Shiny CharmKnockoutsShiny RollsShiny Rate
YesOutbreak: 30-59 Cleared41/1024.38
YesOutbreak: 60+ Cleared51/819.60
Shiny CharmSparkling PowerKnockoutsShiny RollsShiny Rate
YesSparkling Power Lv. 3061/683.08
YesSparkling Power Lv. 3Outbreak: 30-59 Cleared71/585.57
YesSparkling Power Lv. 3Outbreak: 60+ Cleared81/512.44

Do Pokemon appear Shiny in Scarlet & Violet’s overworld?

While exploring the region of Paldea, players can find Shiny Pokemon in the overworld. This means that Shiny Pokemon will be visible as players walk by them, and don’t require a battle to be seen as Shiny.

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However, unlike Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the appearance of these rare encounters won’t be announced with sound effects, and players will need to keep their eyes peeled to avoid missing one.

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