Twitch drama explained: Complete timeline of xQc, gambling, Mizkif, Amouranth, Sliker & more

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September & October of 2022 has offered some of the most drama-filled months Twitch has ever seen. From Twitch gambling, to Mizkif and an alleged sexual assault cover-up, to Amouranth revealing an abusive relationship with her husband: Here is a complete timeline of the ongoing events.

Over the past month, Twitch has been plunged into a seemingly endless pool of drama with each day adding to the platform inferno. One story branches into two or three different storylines, with the original bit of drama usually being overshadowed by two streamers feuding over Discord or Twitter.

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Saying it’s been a lot to keep up with it would be a gross understatement. Content creators like MoistCr1Tikal and Ludwig have had to make multiple 20-minute-long recap videos as, just when you think the drama is over, another entry in the saga rears its ugly head.

In an attempt to help spectators keep up with all of the ongoings happening on and off Twitch during this soap opera, here is a condensed timeline of events starting with a prologue before the onslaught of Dramageddon.

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The Prologue – Shitcamp, xQc, and Erobb

Before the real drama began, a few important events happened that would come back as larger issues in the future. These issues revolved around Shitcamp – an event hosted by streamer QTCinderella – and xQc’s lack of involvement thereof.

xQc pulls out of Shitcamp – September 5

Erobb banned – September 9

  • Erobb mysteriously banned from Twitch
    • Many viewers and streamers considered this a catalyst for the events to come – Erobb was banned for 30 days for making threats toward a viewer in his chat.

Dramageddon Begins – Twitch is on fire for 10 straight days

September 15 was the last day of “peace” before an endless flood of events would consume the platform. The drama before then was a mere trickle, but from September 16 and on, serious criminal allegations would be levied, bridges would be burnt, and streaming careers would be ended with the entirety of Twitch watching from the sidelines.

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xQc & Adept break up – September 16

xQc & Adept quarrel – September 17

Sliker accused of scamming – September 18

Fallout from Sliker scams, Trainwreck makes bombshell allegation – September 19

Mizkif vs Trainwreck

Adrianah Lee makes CrazySlick claims public

CrazySlick goes missing, old Mizkif DMs leaked – September 20

Twitch bans gambling

Mizkif put on leave from OTK, Twitch cuts sub splits – September 21

Mizkif put on leave and makes statement

Trainwreck on gambling

Corinna vs Pokimane

JustAMinx accused of blackmail

xQc vs Pokimane – September 22

The infamous ‘Call’ – September 23

More Pokimane criticism

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JustAMinx responds – September 24

Emiru’s response sparks more drama – September 25

xQc’s final take on Gambling/Asmongold ‘gives up’ – September 26

The Second Wave – Mizkif returns & Amouranth reveals abusive marriage

September’s Twitch drama came to a screeching halt just in time for the week leading up to TwitchCon San Diego. Reminiscent of an episode of Riverdale, all of the animosity seemed to fade away as once cut-throat rivals spent a week acting as if they hadn’t spent the month prior dragging each other through the mud.

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But it was only a matter of time before more drama found its way onto the platforms. However, October has bred completely different kinds of issues for Twitch including disappointing payment schemes, streamers left with life-changing injuries, and beloved broadcasters revealing the heartbreaking truth kept behind closed doors.

TwitchCon TwitchCon TwitchCon – October 9

Lenovo Foam Pit claims multiple victims

Amouranth’s stalker appears at TwitchCon – October 10

Mizkif returns to Twich

xQc touched inappropriately at TwitchCon – October 11

Adriana Chechik reveals extent of her TwitchCon injuries – October 12

Twitch VP of Monetization explains 50/50 sub split

Hacker attempts to steal $900k from Amouranth OnlyFans – October 13

Wolfabelle call out Mizkif after return

Amouranth OnlyFans hacked again – October 14

#DreamIsAFreak trends on Twitter

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Adriana Chechik calls out haters blaming her for TwitchCon injury

Adrianah Lee calls for Mizkif Twitch ban

Ludwig call for Twitch to ban Slicker after paying back victims

Adriana Chechik struggles to walk again – October 15

Amouranth reveals 7-year abusive marriage on stream – October 16

Streamers call out Twitch’s new ad incentive program

Amouranth’s team confirms her safety – October 17

Amouranth returns to Twitch with massive update – October 18

As of right now, the dramatic saga of events has seemingly taken a turn. Instead of new stories surfacing of hefty allegations, Twitch is seeing a series of streamers who face issues that require the support of the entire community to get through.

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With the investigation into Mizkif and the alleged sexual assault cover-up underway, Chechik continuing to battle through physical therapy, and Amouranth dealing with the alleged abuse of her husband, we’ll continue to update this article as the timeline continues.