Amouranth’s team gives update after police visit following husband abuse allegations

Amouranth Content Lead claims streamer is safe after viral live streamTwitch: amouranth

A person employed by Twitch streamer ‘Amouranth’ has confirmed that the broadcaster is alive and safe after a disturbing stream revealed her relationship with her abusive husband.

Late on October 15, popular internet personality Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa went live on Twitch during a phone call with her husband — information that many fans were unaware of.

The volatile phone call revealed that Amouranth is in an allegedly abusive relationship, with her husband screaming at her throughout the conversation.

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Amouranth revealed a series of text messages from her husband, in which he appeared to threaten to kill her dogs and drain her bank accounts if she didn’t do as instructed.

Her stream ended abruptly, with a door opening up behind her and her assistant asking if she’d taken her medication off-camera. Many fans and fellow streamers were worried for her safety, with the likes of Alinity and Ludwig reaching out to ask about her wellbeing.

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Amouranth’s content lead confirms safety of Twitch streamer

On October 17, Amouranth’s Content Lead published a tweet claiming that the streamer is safe and that police had visited her home “multiple times.”

According to the poster, Amouranth has claimed that she’s “okay,” so law enforcement can’t “do much.” The Content Lead also states that Amouranth is currently speaking with her husband to get things sorted after the fallout of her viral livestream.

“Latest update on Kait/Amouranth: People on the team were able to talk to her and she says she’s fine,” the post reads.

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“Police went multiple times since 5 AM yesterday. She says she’s okay, so they can’t do much. She spent all day talking to her husband to sort things out. Not sure what else we can do right now.”

Amouranth abruptly ends return stream as law enforcement visits her home

Update 10/17/2022 2:42 PT

Amouranth went live in her first broadcast since revealing her husband’s alleged abuse on October 17. However, before she could properly begin the stream, she wrote “Cops are here, be back later” and ended the broadcast.

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She later took to Twitter to explain the situation, saying that someone had called law enforcement and assuring fans she’d be back later.

This latest news follows several other streamers reaching out to Amouranth’s team, and even law enforcement, to inquire about her well-being, with Ludwig allegedly receiving a statement from her assistant saying Amouranth was “safe and okay.”

A slew of fellow broadcasters have spoken out in support of Amouranth following her distressing live stream, with names like Valkyrae, Jessica Nigri, and LilyPichu all publicly standing by the streamer and denouncing negative reactions to the news.

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