Corinna Kopf criticizes Twitch gambling ban: “We wont be able to do anything”

Emma Hill
Corinna Kopf in Instagram photo with Twitch logo

Social media influencer Corinna Kopf has hit out at Twitch’s decision to ban gambling features on the platform, claiming it could lead to many more strict rules in the future.

Gambling streams have been a controversial topic across Twitch with streamers in the community being heavily divided over the subject. But, things all came to a head when streamer Sliker admitted to having ‘scammed’ his fellow creators and fans out of thousands in order to pay off his gambling debts.

With growing calls for Twitch to take action, the Amazon-owned platform revealed on September 20 that it was going to prohibit streamers from broadcasting certain gambling sites and games.

While the move has been widely praised by some, gambling streamer Corinna Kopf believes it won’t be long until creators aren’t able “to do anything” on their streams.

Corinna Kopf slams Twitch gambling ban

Following on from the news, Kopf took to her livestream where she criticized the decision, claiming that if Twitch bans gambling, then it could prohibit other “unhealthy” habits also.

“Everyone is so soft nowadays,” Kopf claimed. “You are influenced to do so many things that are not good for you financially, physically, and mentally every day.

One of these days were not going to be able to f**king drink on stream because that promotes getting drunk. We’re not gonna be able to f**king smoke on stream because that promotes whatever.”

Kopf added that it should be the player’s “decision” as to whether they should gamble, rather than it being banned from the platform outright.

This isn’t the first time that Kopf has shared her opinion on the topic. She previously hit out at popular streamer Pokimane for supposedly promoting gambling in an old video before later calling on Twitch to ban the practice.

Twitch’s new policy won’t come into effect until October 18. However, there will likely be more disputes over gambling streams in the lead-up to the big day.