xQc claims he was harassed by woman who touched him inappropriately at TwitchCon afterparty

xqc staring at camera on twitch streamTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has detailed a story where a woman touched the Twitch star inappropriately at a TwitchCon 2022 afterparty, saying he was “annoyed” about her continual advances and had to leave the venue early.

TwitchCon 2022 has finished with its fair share of controversy, with Twitch star xQc having his own tale from the event. While he caught up with many fans and fellow stars in San Diego, he recounted one moment when a woman touched him without consent while at an afterparty.

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Lengyel told the story to fans on his return stream from TwitchCon. The streamer was partying with other stars like Hasan at a club when a woman approached him and was being “too touchy”. 

xQc told her a number of times to back off, but she kept advancing onto the streamer: “She’s all over me,” he said. “I’m talking to her ⁠— I go to her ear and I’m like ‘I’m taken’ and she’s laughing and sh*t.

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“I did that like four times, telling her to back off, and I’m sitting one sofa above her because there’s two sofas. I’m just trying to have a good time and just chill. I’m talking to Omie and she touches my legs from behind, like that. And I’m like ‘yo, I’m taken can you back off?’ I’m done with this sh*t.

“Five minutes later, I’m just chilling there again looking around, and she puts both hands on my legs and goes all the way up and then she grabs my d*ck man, and I’m like ‘yo are you f**king good?’”

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He removed himself from the situation to go to the bathroom, bumping into Ludwig who he asked for help.

“I’m like ‘let’s just get the f**k out’ because I didn’t know what to do,” he continued. “I froze up and I asked other people to help me. I start going to the bathroom because I want to get out. I get to the bathroom, I look behind me, and she’s chasing me. I’m not even being overdramatic ⁠— she’s chasing me. Ludwig is there and I’m like ‘yo Lud, actually help me.’

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“He wasn’t worried but now he’s like ‘what’s up?’ I’m like ‘there’s a girl behind me. I go to the bathroom, get her the f**k out.’ He deals with her, I go to the bathroom, and then at that point, I’m malding. I’m genuinely upset because I think it’s lame and I hate it. I hate when people touch [me]… I told her a bunch of times and she wouldn’t stop it.”

xQc went back to an Airbnb with a number of streamers but couldn’t put his mind at ease, eventually leaving the place to stay at his Twitch-provided hotel in the early hours of the morning. While he “left some details out of the story”, it was overall a “disaster” of a night.

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Lengyel wasn’t the only Twitch streamer to report a similar incident at TwitchCon, with rising star Kai Cenat claiming he was also touched inappropriately while out in San Diego.

It’s unclear if any further action was taken against the woman, but xQc was just happy to get the story out there.

“It all ended up fine, but that night was a f**king disaster,” he continued. “It feels good to get it off my chest and just say it how it is. This girl was unhinged… and I feel like people didn’t care that much. I got upset about it, it’s annoying.”

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