MoistCr1TiKaL slams Mizkif for “downplaying” allegations in public apology

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On September 21, Mizkif publicly apologized for his and CrazySlick’s behaviors in light of controversial sexual harassment claims. Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” White criticized the apology, claiming it “still seems like downplaying.”

CrazySlick has been under fire for alleged sexual harassment and misconduct. In one of the allegations, CrazySlick was potentially caught using Mizkif’s account to hit on FaZe streamer Kalei Renay. His actions have sparked controversy throughout the streaming community, with many streamers condemning Crazyslick’s behavior.

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Other members of the community, such as OTK founder Asmongold, criticized Mizkif as well, who used to live with CrazySlick. Asmongold went as far as to threaten to cut ties with Mizkif if Mizkif doesn’t cut ties with CrazySlick.

Mizkif released a public statement on September 20, 2022, apologizing for the events that transpired.

Charlie joined in on the topic, expressing his point of view on the matter.

MoistCr1TiKal criticizes Mizkif’s apology

After pulling up Mizkif’s long Twitter apology post, Charlie pinpointed and criticized certain wordings, then expressed his point of view.

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“This is a back-to-back miss right here,” Charlie claimed, as he began to highlight specific sections.

“Not only was it not sexual assault, but to say regardless of the degree is once again another insinuation of, you know, there are different levels of sexual assault.”

For context, Slick allegedly sexually assaulted fellow streamer Adrianah. Other women have come out to reveal their stories of sexual harassment from CrazySlick since. Charlie is essentially criticizing how they’re decreasing the severity of the sexual assault by generalizing the incidents with simple harassment.

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“It still seems like downplaying, which is bad.”

Mizkif soon clarified his thoughts in another Twitter post, addressing the wording issue:

“Harassment is about the discord logs, and comments Slick made towards every girl who came forward. Slick sexually assaulted Adrianah.”

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