Trainwreck responds to allegations he paid Twitch staff $80,000 on stream

David Purcell

Twitch employees have been branded “disgusting” after a clip appeared to show employees accepting crypto payments of up to $80,000 from popular streamer Trainwreck. The streamer has since responded to the allegations.

This comes in the midst of a social media storm for Twitch as the company is being urged to ban gambling completely from their website, following the story of Slicker scamming other creators to fund his gambling problem. He later admitted to the wrongdoing.

A video has gone viral on Twitter from user ostonox, showing Trainwreck allegedly making payments live on stream to Twitch employees.

Many have condemned the streamer and doubled down on the viral campaign for Twitch to stop gambling, as Train is one of the most well-known gambling streamers on the Amazon-owned platform.

Trainwreck sending users over $50,000 on stream

Ostonox said: “It does strike me as weird that @Twitch staff are in Trainwreckstv’s chat and accepting $50,000 in crypto from him.

“It must be hard to see clearly when deciding whether to regulate the person that just paid near your entire salary in one bitcoin transaction.”

The clip shows two accounts, Pepegafish and Rellim, taking sizeable payments on stream.

In the comments, ostonox said: “It shows that he’s willing to pay staff members, Twitch staff are willing to accept those payments, and that he’s confident enough to do this live on stream.”

Ex-Twitch employee slams staff as “disgusting”

A member of the founding Twitch team – no longer working for the company – djWHEAT responded to the drama on Twitter, stating that he doesn’t put the blame at Trainwreck’s door on this occasion.

He said: “Speaking as a former Twitch staff, not only is this absolutely disgusting, but it is 100% in violation of Amazon Business Conduct & Ethics Policy.

“Not Train’s fault (it’s not his job to police the ethics of Twitch), but absolutely the employee’s for asking/accepting payment.”

Train says they’re not Twitch staff anymore

On the same day, September 20, following the incident, it was revealed during an xQc Twitch livestream that neither Pepegafish nor Rellim work for the company anymore.

This came from Train himself, who said: “Yo, by the way, I got something really funny to tell you… I just found this out. I just confirmed it as well… Rellim doesn’t even work for Twitch anymore. Pepegafish unfortunately passed away.”

Twitch has not yet commented publicly on the matter.

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