Asmongold & Valkyrae blame ads for “killing Twitch” as platform denies 70/30 sub split

Valkyrae and asmongold blast twitchTwitch/Asmongold/Valkyrae/Pixabay

Streaming sensations Asmongold and Valkyrae are blaming Twitch’s ads for being a major issue contributor to the platform’s issues amid denying a request for a better subscription split for streamers.

The drama at Twitch just refuses to stop. One day after the Amazon-owned platform banned select gambling websites after community backlash, the platform announced that it would not be implemented a long-requested 70/30 revenue split.

Instead, beginning in June 2023, larger streamers that did have a 70/30 split will only receive $100,000 of sub-revenue, with anything after this at the regular 50/50 split.

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Twitch cited the “high cost” of running the site as the reason for not making a 70/30 split the norm for all streamers and this isn’t sitting well with some of the biggest names the streaming world has to offer.

Asmongold and Valkyrae destroy Twitch over “excessive” ads

Taking to Twitter following the announcement, Asmongold rallied his troops, demanding Twitch “cut the bullsh*t” in regards to a revenue split.

“Excessive ads are killing Twitch,” he remarked. “You go to a stream and it says 1/6 ads played, you go to another tab then come back and the video player has crashed.”

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The World of Warcraft streamer went on to present a call to action for his followers, asking them to “like” the tweet if they’ve ever clicked off a stream because of too many ads.

Interestingly, this type of post is what Pokimane made when she began campaigning against Twitch’s gambling streams, and ultimately it ended up working out, albeit not to everyone’s liking.

100 Thieves co-owned Valkyrae also blasted Twitch’s ads, with the YouTuber accusing the platform of being ‘greedy.’

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“Killing your viewer base with more ads and hurting the backbone of your company, the creators,” she commented. “We want to see success from both platforms since competition is good but Twitch is throwing.”

As the streamer wars continued to heat up and YouTube gains momentum, it will be interesting to see if Twitch backtracks or doubles down on some of its more controversial decisions as of late.

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