Asmongold labels Twitch a “disgrace” for not banning Sliker amid scam accusations

Dylan Horetski
Asmongold talking to fans on YouTube

Asmongold has labeled Twitch a “disgrace” for not banning Sliker from the platform amid accusations that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from fans.

Over the last few days, Sliker — a partnered Twitch streamer — has been accused of ‘scamming’ fans and other streamers out of money, with totals rising into six digits.

The accusations have led to viewers and streamers demanding that Twitch ban gambling from the platform entirely.

Asmongold has joined the list of streamers speaking out about Sliker’s accusations with a tweet calling out Twitch.

Asmongold labels Twitch a “disgrace”

After allegations began to surface, Sliker went live on his channel and admitted to the scam.

On September 19, Asmongold called out Twitch for not banning Sliker from the platform.

He said: “How in the f**k is Sliker not banned on Twitch? The guy literally uses the platform to defraud dozens of people, streamers, and viewers alike AND ADMITS IT.

“JiDion is still sitting a perma while Sliker gets to go live and laugh about actual crime. It’s an absolute disgrace Twitch.”

In the tweet, Asmongold mentioned JiDion’s permanent ban from the platform that he received after orchestrating a ‘hate raid’ toward Twitch star Pokimane.

Although JiDion and Pokimane met up IRL and revealed they were cool with each other, Twitch still refuses to allow JiDion back onto the platform.

It’s unknown what will happen with Slicker in the coming days, so we’ll have to wait to see. In the meantime, head over here for more entertainment news.

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