Valkyrae, Jessica Nigri, LilyPichu & more defend Amouranth amid relationship abuse claims

Amouranth posing in Twitter pictureTwitter/Amouranth

Amouranth shocked the internet by confirming she was not only married, but allegedly trapped in an abusive relationship during a Twitch stream that has the community rallying behind her.

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is one of the biggest names on the streaming site in addition to OnlyFans, Instagram and other social media platforms, but it turns out not everything was fine in her personal life.

According to the OnlyFans model, her husband had been forcing her into doing hot tub streams, say she was single and had threatened to ruin her businesses and kill her horse if he didn’t do as she said.

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With the internet hoping that Siragusa is okay and worrying about her situation, some big names have stepped in to offer their support for their friend and fellow content creator.

Streamers speak up in support of Amouranth

As soon as news about Amouranth broke, some of Twitch and YouTube’s biggest streamers took to social media to comment on the situation and stand with Siragusa.

“It’s disgusting seeing the internet continue to invalidate and dehumanize victims of abuse. What Amouranth has been trapped in is very real,” 100T co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter said. “I hope she gets the freedom and relief any human in abuse deserves.”

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Jessica Nigri, one of Amouranth’s friends, also chimed in: “Amouranth is one the sweetest most hardworking humans I know, and the learn about all this sh*t is absolutely f**king heartbreaking.”

“Just because you don’t like her job or don’t agree with it doesn’t mean she’s not hardworking. I’ve always observed her to have insane work ethic when it came to her stream/content,” echoed by Lilly Pichu who reiterated her views on Amouranth being a hard worker.

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CodeMiko took aim at individuals calling out Amouranth for being in her concerning situation.

“I know an intelligent woman is threatening to you. Whenever I talked to Amouranth on business she would respond with the smartest solutions. She’s both intelligent and kind,” she explained.

“He abused this and turned her into a machine to make cash and completely disregarded her feelings. Knowing all this it breaks my heart that she was abused on screen and off screen.”

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So far, it’s not clear where Amouranth is or what happened after her stream ended. Fellow Twitch star Alinity said that the police couldn’t say if Amouranth was okay following a welfare check.

Hopefully, we can get answers soon, but until then, Amouranth has a lot of support from those in the streaming community.