Hasan defends Pokimane after Train calls streamer “most corrupt” figure on Twitch

Virginia Glaze
Hasan defends pokimane after train calls streamer corrupt

Twitch streamer Hasan came to Pokimane’s defense after Train called her one of the “most corrupt” figures on the platform during a Discord call.

Twitch has been rife with drama over the past week. Between the site denying requests for a 70/30 subscriber pay split with its streamers, placing restrictions on gambling streams, and now seeing the exit of its SVP of Global Creators, things just aren’t slowing down for the purple streaming platform.

In between these moments, several streamers have come under fire, with Mizkif most recently being accused of attempting to cover up an alleged sexual assault.

Amid these accusations, streamers Asmongold, Trainwreck, and Mizkif, hopped into a Discord call to discuss the issue, where Train notably called Pokimane one of the most “corrupt” broadcasters on the platform.

During the call, Asmongold said: “I don’t know why y’all collaborate with them,” speaking to Mizkif about Pokimane and Hasan. “The second that you look bad, they will turn on you.”

“No s**t,” Train replied. “That’s what Poki does. Poki is one of the most corrupt figures on Twitch.”

Pokimane talks to viewers during Twitch stream
Pokimane is the most-followed female streamer on Twitch.

Hasan came to Pokimane’s defense during another broadcast reacting to the call, where he argued against perceptions of Pokimane ‘dropping’ certain people to look good. He argued in favor of the streamer’s ‘integrity,’ bringing up her response to the accusations against Fedmyster that arose in 2020.

Hasan responds to viral Twitch Discord call

“Train is out of his mind,” he began. “That’s just classic Train. I think what Asmon is trying to say, I guess, is — ’cause that’s Train’s words that he’s saying, that Poki’s ‘corrupt.’ Asmon’s not saying that.”

“I think Asmon’s saying that those people, whether it’s me or Poki, in general, will drop you if you come across like you’ve done something bad. Which, for the record, you know, yeah. I mean Poki had a friend, someone living under her roof, who did stuff like this. I mean, worse things. And we know what happened. She showcased her integrity in that circumstance.”

“I’m not gonna change my values because of the way I feel about certain things.”

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Pokimane has yet to respond to Train’s comments, but recently stated that she would be distancing herself from the drama to focus on her friends and creating content.

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