Erobb221 banned on Twitch while at QTCinderella’s Shitcamp event

erobb twitch streamerTwitch: Erobb221

Twitch streamer Erobb221 has been banned from the platform. This is allegedly due to him threatening one of his chatters, according to Erobb himself on Myth’s YouTube stream.

Erobb is a long-time streamer on Twitch, with a variety of different gaming and IRL content keeping his more than 400k followers entertained over the years.

The younger brother of popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1, Erobb has built up a very strong stream in his own right — but that might have been impeded after copping a ban from the Amazon-owned platform on Thursday, September 8.

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Erobb is currently at the Shitcamp event organized by QTCinderella, with his stream the night prior to this ban ending in disaster after capsizing a kayak.

This ban means that he will be unable to appear in any other Twitch streams of creators at Shitcamp for the duration of his suspension, due to Twitch’s rules around banned individuals.

Erobb admits to threatening a Twitch viewer

While twitch hasn’t given Erobb an official reason for his ban, he seems to be convinced that it’s because of some choice words he had for one of his chatters.

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According to Erobb, he was in his offline chat when he said to a viewer “I cannot wait to see you at Twitch con, I’m going to beat the f*** out of you”, followed by Zoil bursting into laughter and asking, “why would you say that?”

An entire reddit thread shed some light on what Erobb said in his Twitch chat. It isn’t possible to verify the authenticity of any screenshots due to the ban, but a user in the thread posted a screenshot from Erobb’s chat logs with very similar wording to what he said on stream.

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The viewer Erobb allegedly threatened, who goes by the moniker Lunn, is a known figure in Erobb’s community.

This is by no means confirmed as the official reason he’s been barred from the platform. But, Erobb’s alleged behavior is directly against Twitch TOS and would be fair grounds for a ban from the platform.

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