Corinna Kopf calls out Pokimane for promoting gambling in old video

Eleni Thomas
Corinna Kopf Pokimane header image

Popular social media influencer Corinna “pouty girl” Kopf has called out Pokimane for an old video of hers that seemingly “promotes gamblingin the fallout of Twitch’s decision to largely ban gambling streams.

Much discussion has been had in the past couple of weeks about the prevalence of gambling on the streaming platform Twitch. In recent days, many notable Twitch streamers have spoken out online about the issue.  On September 18, one of the platform’s biggest creators Pokimane — who currently has over 9M followers — posted a tweet in which she called for gambling streams to be banned.

Days later and Twitch did just that, sort of. Select gambling streams and specific gambling sites will soon be barred from the platform following an October 18 policy update. Given the seismic news, plenty have been quick to chime in with their reactions.

At the time of writing, Pokimane’s original tweet sits at over 310k likes and has been retweeted over 7,000 times. Pokimane’s calls for gambling to be banned on the platform came just days after Twitch partner ‘ItsSliker’ was accused of scamming’ fans and fellow streamers for thousands of dollars.

Now in the fallout of Twitch’s policy shift, fellow content creator Corinna Kopt – also known as Pouty Girl – has called Pokimane out.

Corinna Kopf accuses Pokimane of promoting gambling in old video

In a September 21 tweet, Kopt posted a series of photos from a room tour and gaming setup video Pokimane uploaded over a year ago. 

The first image she included is a simple screenshot of the video. The second a zoomed in image of Pokimane’s monitors. In the close-up image, Kopf draws attention to the content displayed on the screen, speculating that it is some sort of gambling content.

Kopt then tagged Pokimane in the tweet, writing in the caption that Pokimane “probably should delete” the old video as it “promotes gambling.”

However, it is unclear in the image if the content on Pokimane’s screen is gambling. Some Twitter users pointing out that it looks like she is either watching another stream or playing a game similar to Candy Crush.

At the time of writing, Pokimane is still yet to respond to Kopf’s message.

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