xQc hits out at OTK for “weaponizing” Emiru’s emotional apology amid Twitch drama

Sam Comrie
xQc speaking to viewers during Twitch stream

Twitch star Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit out at some of his fellow streamers, including those in the OTK organization after seeing Emiru’s viral clip about the ongoing Twitch drama.

On September 21, Twitch star Mizkif was placed “on leave” by One True King, a gaming organization he co-founded with Asmongold, Esfand, and more.

The streamer has stepped aside due to leaked DMs depicting racist and homophobic language, as well as his involvement with sexual harassment allegations against his friend CrazySlick.

While fellow content creator and friend Emiru issued a statement in defense of Mizkif, xQc believes that the organization are exploiting the video as the situation continues to develop.

xQc blasts Emiru’s Mizkif statement video amid OTK leave

In xQc’s September 24 stream, the streamer was navigating the LivestreamFail subreddit, before diving into a critique of Emiru’s statement about Mizkif. Near the start of the stream, xQc said his takes on the ongoing situation are “absolutely f******* nuclear” and that “thousands of people are deluded…pieces move and this whole thing is strategic and political in the worse way.”

Reacting to Emiru’s video in question, xQc said: “This was a move, okay? If you cannot see the people being genuine, being real. That’s on you. That’s your problem. You are delirious, not to see people being genuine or not.

“This was not genuine…I can see through people’s sh*t, okay?”

Slamming his desk in frustration, xQc continued: “Come on man! Everybody knew dude. What the f*** is this man? ‘Oh we didn’t know’.”

The streamer purported that “I was already called out for weaponizing this since the get-go…I’m so tired of this sh*t, it’s so annoying.”

Outside of xQc’s distaste towards OTK in light of Mizkif temporarily leaving, the streamer has been vocal about his stance on the ongoing drama between different streamers, himself, and Trainwrecks.

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