xQc claims Pokimane only spoke out against Twitch gambling for “clout”

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has slammed Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys as “weird” amid the recent streaming drama, claiming she’s only getting involved for “clout”.

There’s drama erupting across just about every corner of the streaming industry at the moment.

From xQc’s breakup with Adept, to ItsSliker scamming viewers and other creators out of hundreds of thousands to fuel his gambling addiction, and now gambling being banned from the platform completely — the livestreaming community has been nothing short of chaotic in the past few weeks.

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Now, xQc has hit out at Pokimane, claiming she’s being “weird” and using the ongoing drama for her own good.

xQc slams Pokimane for acting “weird” and using drama for clout

During xQc’s September 21 live stream, the streamer stumbled upon a clip where Pokimane hit back at Corrina Kopf, who called her out for “promoting gambling” — in which her friends’ slots stream was displayed on one of her monitors in an old YouTube video.

Adamant that he wasn’t trying to start drama, the 27-year-old explained how he’s surprised to learn that Pokimane consumes gambling content from her friend, but is so against the category when it comes to other streamers.

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“I’m not picking a bone with Poki, okay? I’m not picking a bone with her, but I was just also surprised seeing her in her free time watch gambling from her close friend,” xQc admitted. “She went so hard at the big two gamblers or whatever, while still actively watching a close friend do it and never mention her name in any conversation in any conversation about gambling ever?”

“I think that’s genuinely a problem,” he added. “I think it’s a bad look, that’s all, I don’t know what to tell you about it.

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“I have to be honest with you, going after the two dudes extremely adamantly, while not only having a close friend that does it, she’s more of a friend with her than she is of us probably, and actively watching it? I think that’s weird, I’m sorry. What do you want me to say about it man? That’s a problem b*tch.”

In a follow-up clip, xQc claimed Poki is using the gambling drama for clout. He said: “Mostly yeah, because I guarantee you, there’s not a singular person who is actually against gamba who have a massive impact and reach on Twitch who have contacts.

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“Twitch staff and higher-ups who they can send a text to, or they can send a DM to or they can literally just call on the f**king phone, right.”

He continued: “Not a single one of them made any contact or effort to get things moving behind the scenes or publicly until there was a wave of f**k Sliker, f**k scam, f**k gamba for them to hop on the horse and go with their hashtag save the world type sh*t. Nobody actually cared. Nobody. Give me one text. One proof of anybody that tried to make anything move.”

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From October 18, Twitch’s gambling ban will go into effect, and apply to content featuring “slots, roulettes, or dice games.”

However, the platform has stated it will not affect “sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker.” Nonetheless, the future of gambling on Twitch remains uncertain.

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