JustaMinx issues update on wellbeing amid ongoing ‘blackmail’ allegations

Joe Craven

Twitch streamer JustaMinx has released an update on her wellbeing amid ongoing allegations pertaining to the ‘blackmail’ of fellow content creator ‘toxxxicsupport’. 

On September 21, JustaMinx found herself on the receiving end of serious allegations when fellow Twitch streamer ‘toxxxicsupport’ claimed she had been unduly pressured into exposing herself by attendees at a TwitchCon party hosted by Minx.

The incident allegedly took place during a drinking game with a host of other guests. Minx was reported to be in bed at the time of the drinking game but, according to toxxxicsupport, became ‘intimidating’ in its aftermath. 

Toxxxicsupport said: “She essentially manipulated, intimidating, and blackmailed me into being silent. She protected them. She still continues to protect abuser friends and at times, seems to take it as a joke.” 


On September 23, after days of silence on social media, Minx released an update on her wellbeing with many fans concerned about the streamer. 

It states that Minx’s wellbeing “seems to have gotten much worse” in recent days, and that the streamer is seeking help but will not be returning to the internet in the immediate future. 

“Hello everyone,” it read. “A lot of you have been concerned about Minx’s wellbeing over the last few weeks, and it seems to have gotten much worse in the last few days. Being manic is not a joke and should not be treated as clickbait or a punchline, or even an excuse.” 

It continued: “With help from those around her, Minx has decided to get help and has not been on the internet since Tuesday afternoon. She will not be returning to the internet for a few days and does not have access to her phone. We know there is a lot going on, but please be patient until she is able to return and speak for herself.” 

The statement ends by thanking fans for their “continued support” and states that the streamer cares about her community and fanbase “more than any of you could ever know”. 

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