Ludwig claims Mizkif will never be canceled but has “a lot to own up for”

Emma Hill
Ludwig talking to fans on Mogul Mail YouTube channel and Mizkif streaming on Twitch

YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren believes fellow streamer Mizkif will “never be canceled” despite receiving heavy backlash amid his drama with CrazySlick.

Twitch went into meltdown on September 19 when popular gambling streamer TrainwrecksTV made accusations against Mizkif. In a heated Twitter spat, he claimed the Twitch star ‘covered up’ sexual harassment allegations made by female creator AdrianahLee against his friend CrazySlick.

With Ice Poseidon adding fuel to the fire by leaking inflammatory Mizkif DMs, it was announced that the 27-year-old’s actions were being investigated by OTK – the streaming organization he co-owns.

Despite the controversy surrounding Mizkif, Ludwig claims it won’t be long before it all “dies down.” Although, he argued the backlash will no doubt follow Mizkif “for the rest of his life.”

Ludwig claims Mizkif won’t “disappear” following drama

On September 21, Ludwig shared his thoughts on all of the dramatic events that have taken place on Twitch since the beginning of September 2022 via his YouTube channel Mogul Mail.

Ludwig subsequently slammed Mizkif for supposedly “downplaying” AdrianahLee’s sexual assault claims and for the “homophobic” and “racist” comments he made in his messages to Ice Poseidon.

“Mizkif has a lot to own up for,” Ludwig stated. “Here’s the thing Miz is Miz. In the sense that, he will never be canceled unless he’s de-platformed because you are never truly canceled as long as you keep creating content. Why would he ever stop creating content? Because Miz truly lives for streaming.”

He added that he doesn’t “expect for [Mizkif] to disappear” following on from the backlash and that he will “come back in two weeks” when the drama has “died down.”

However, Ludwig claimed that Mizkif will have to always “live with” the consequences which, according to him, is “deserved.”

Twitch continues to heat up with debate amid the various scandals that have happened throughout September 2022 and there are likely many more streamers who will share their takes in the days to come.

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