JustAMinx accused of ‘blackmailing’ female streamer after “uncomfortable” TwitchCon party

JustAMinx talking to fans on Twitch streamYouTube: Justa Minx

Popular Twitch streamer JustAMinx has been hit with an accusation that she “manipulated” and “blackmailed” a female streamer after she had an “uncomfortable” experience during a TwitchCon party.

JustAMinx has come under fire, after female streamer ‘toxxxicsupport‘ alleged that she had an “uncomfortable” experience during a party hosted by the Twitch star which would go on to cause her “sexual trauma.”

On September 21, toxxxicsupport posted a statement claiming that while she was attending JustAMinx’s TwitchCon party, she took part in a drinking game, when things allegedly took a distressing turn.

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The game supposedly involved each member of the group, which included “13 guys” having to take off an item of clothing every time they “messed up.” However, after her friend “ended up getting into only her bra and underwear,” toxxxicsupport was supposedly “peer-pressured” into getting more “exposed.”

She claimed: “I went to clean the vodka up and came back to them telling me someone’s dare was to remove the rest of my clothes […] I told them I’m good and I didn’t want to and my replies were drowned out by echoes of the guys just telling me to do it, it’s okay, they won’t judge, it’s part of the game, etc.”

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Following on from the alleged events, toxxxicsupport reached out to Minx who was supposedly in bed during the evening, who was initially “supportive” and “forgiving.”

“A few hours later, out of nowhere, she texted me and told me I’m not allowed to go back to that Airbnb and she didn’t want to talk to me,” toxxxicsupport claimed. “She essentially manipulated, [intimidated], and blackmailed me into being silent.”

Toxxxicsupport also posted screenshots of messages between herself and Minx in the days and weeks following the incident.

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JustAMinx hasn’t officially responded to the accusations, as of writing. Dexerto has reached out for comment.

Twitch has been alive with drama in recent days – including allegations of sexual assault against CrazySlick, and that the victim, AdrianahLee, was urged to keep quiet by streamers Mizkif and Maya. Mizkif is now being investigated by his streaming organization OTK.

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