xQc apologizes to Adept following fiery argument during Twitch livestream

xQc streaming on Twitch alongside Instagram picture of AdeptTwitch: xQc/ Instagram: adeptthebest

Twitch streamers Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Adept have made-up after the pair got into a heated argument about their break-up during his livestream.

Twitch has been filled with drama in recent days. One of the most shocking moments being when xQc and his former partner Adept clashed in front of approximately 125k viewers on September 15, getting into an emotional debate over their break-up.

Streamers from across the community subsequently got involved with the feud including QTCinderella and Hasan, sparking yet further anger from xQc.

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However, it seems the drama has officially been brought to a close as xQc and Adept had a heart-to-heart during his livestream which saw the 26-year-old apologize to his formal partner.

xQc and Adept reconcile following break-up drama

On September 20, fans were overjoyed to see xQc and Adept reunite on Twitch and enjoy a wholesome game of Paint as they opened up about their relationship as well as their explosive break-up.

When speaking about the backlash that both he and Adept received following the viral argument, xQc stressed that “there’s no enemy here.”

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Adept agreed saying fans probably “got fired up” because they were both “emotional” in that moment. Whereas, he accepted that he “flew off the handle.”

It comes after xQc opened up to fans about the break-up claiming that he had to make the tough choice between their relationship or family and how he ultimately chose the latter. As a result, he had to bail out of QTCinderella’s Shitcamp 2022 at the last minute, which also caused controversy.

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“I’m sorry it turned out this way,” xQc added. She replied that it was “okay” and likewise showed her appreciation when he acknowledged that she isn’t his “enemy.”

Following on from the explosive argument, the drama surrounding xQc and Adept appears to have come to a peaceful end for now.

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