Mizkif hits out at Trainwreck for defending Twitch Gambling amid Sliker drama

Emma Hill
Mizkif and Trainwreck chatting during Twitch livestream

Popular creator Mizkif has fired back at Tyler ‘TrainwrecksTV’ Niknam for defending gambling streams on Twitch despite increasing pressure to ban such content from the platform.

Twitch streamer Sliker broke down in tears on September 18 as he admitted to having scammed his fellow creators of thousands of dollars to fund his gambling addiction.

The backlash has once again sparked a fiery debate across the internet with streamers and Twitch-users across the community calling on the platform to ban gambling streams. Not all are on board, however, with the likes of Trainwreck and xQc arguing that it’s not as big a problem as others have made out.

However, Mizkif slammed Trainwreck for defending slots on Twitch despite Sliker’s admission and, as a result, encouraging more viewers to start gambling.

Mizkif repeats call to ban gambling on Twitch

On September 19, Mizkif was joined on his livestream by Pokimane as the two called on Twitch to ban gambling-related content from its platform after Sliker apologized and admitted to having a gambling addiction which drove him to ask for money from his fellow streamers.

However, Mizkif was particularly frustrated with Trainwreck’s comments following on from the drama. According to the 31-year-old, it was “the people scapegoating Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette and not blaming the individual [who] are the real problem.”

Yet, Mizkif strongly disagreed with Train’s view: “Why do people give you millions of dollars a month to market gambling? It’s surely not because they’re friends with you, Train. It’s because you give them millions of millions of dollars in revenue from your viewers who go and watch you are now gamblers.”


He clarified that he wasn’t blaming “just the individual” and that Sliker was “100% wrong” for his actions. Yet, he argues, removing gambling from Twitch would make it less accessible and attractive to viewers.

Mizkif has been honest about his views against gambling streams in the past, previously hitting out at xQc for his Slots content. He similarly received an offer for a $10 million gambling sponsorship deal which he, unsurprisingly, rejected.

It’s still early days following on from the shocking revelations surrounding Sliker. However, there is most likely much more drama still to come.