Amouranth reveals security had to step in after stalkers followed her at TwitchCon

Amouranth stalkers at twitchconTwitch/Instagram/Amouranth

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa says her security was forced to act after stalkers showed up to San Diego TwitchCon and started following her.

Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on the internet with millions of followers across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and OnlyFans.

Such success online, however, has resulted in some scary incidents for the hot tub streamer with obsessed fans taking things to the extreme. In one case, a stalker even traveled thousands of miles to try to break into her home.

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While Siragusa enjoyed her time at TwitchCon, even stepping on fans who requested it, the streamer says she had to deal with multiple stalkers at the event where security had to get involved.

Amouranth claims stalkers showed up at TwitchCon

In a series of Twitch clips, Amouranth said that she had to deal with stalkers at the convention and her security had to get involved in the matter.

“I have 24 hour security, and the security had to get involved because a stalker showed up,” she said while chowing down on some food. “Just because I have security, that doesn’t mean I want the stalker to see me.”

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According to Amouranth, Mars, her cameraman, told her that her stalker “pulled up” and had to be dealt with.

That’s not all though. At one point, Amouranth says there were “three other guys” following her from the hotel and even more security had to step in.

“They were staring at me and security, not even my security detail, like two other convention security started following us, because of the guys who were following us,” she explained. “It’s been f**king crazy.”

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Amouranth panics after stalker finds her at TwitchCon

Siragusa said that she had “three or four” different stalkers over the course of 48 hours making for quite the eventful TwitchCon.

Amazingly, in another clip, Amouranth was walking down the street when she ran into a man who greeted her by saying “long time no see.”

In a split second, the streamer did a 180 and headed the other way, repeated the words “help” or “nope” and explained that this was yet another stalker who had found her.

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Luckily, Amouranth was unharmed through the weekend, but it just goes to show how scary having stalkers can be and exactly why she needs security for events like this.

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