xQc hits out at viewers “malding” over him not going to Shitcamp

Emma Hill
xQc hitting out at fans during Twitch stream

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel fired back at fans who were criticizing him for not attending QTCinderella’s Shitcamp 2022.

QTCinderella’s first Shitcamp event back in 2021 brought in a wealth of popular streamers from across the community for a few days of various activities and streams.

xQc was just one of the big names to take part and admitted he had an absolute blast during the event, even though he did struggle getting his hands on some food.

So, it was a surprise to many when xQc announced that he wouldn’t be attending QT’s follow-up Shitcamp event from September 5. But, he’s had enough of viewers urging him to make an appearance.

xQc begs fans to “chill out” over Shitcamp absence

On September 4, xQc had not long begun his stream when he started to be hit with comments regarding his absence from Shitcamp 2022. He also wasn’t happy about the way fans responded to Sodapoppin also not appearing at the event.

“Bro, I’m not going to the event. Why are you being so funny and getting so riled up,” he asked. “What was all that hatred and malding about Soda not going?”

xQc urged the “parasocial” viewers to “chill the f**k out and asked why some of the “complaining Andy’s” were reacting so intensely against them two specifically rather than other streamers who also won’t be attending Shitcamp in 2022.

Even though he was “in a good mood” at the beginning of his stream, he was shortly flustered, as his heart rate monitor showed, as “complainers” continued to flood his chat.

Shitcamp is set to get started on September 5 and last until September 8. Just some of the big names set to take part include Valkyrae, Hasan, and Ludwig.

Soda and xQc might not be lending their talents during Shitcamp, but xQc is eager for his fans to stop yet more backlash against him for not attending.

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