Adrianah Lee says Mizkif should be banned on Twitch

Adrianah Lee MizkifInstagram: Adrianah Lee, Instagram: Mizkif

Twitch streamer Adrianah Lee recently appeared on the Mom’s Basement podcast with some strong opinions about the future of Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo on the platform.

Twitch streamer and OTK co-founder Mizkif was placed on leave following allegations about his role in covering-up a sexual assault by Twitch partner CrazySlick against fellow streamer Adrianah Lee.

Though Mizkif was initially silent on social media, he returned to streaming on Twitch on October 11, despite the fact that the OTK investigation is still ongoing.

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Adrianah Lee, who had experienced the sexual assault which was the subject of the cover-up, recently gave an interview in which she made her feelings about Mizkif’s return very clear.

Adrianah Lee agrees Mizkif should be banned from Twitch

Appearing on the Mom’s Basement podcast, Lee expressed her frustration with how Mizkif’s return to Twitch was being received. She also discussed her relationship with Maya, who was also reportedly involved in the cover-up.

“If I was a man coming out about all this stuff, it wouldn’t be questioned, it wouldn’t be excused at all. But because it’s a male-dominated platform people see themselves in these predators and they defend.”

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When the hosts brought up the prospect of Mizkif being banned from Twitch, Lee expressed her approval at that idea.

Lee also recounted how Maya has since reached out to her to apologize. However, Lee says she has not responded and there still appears to be some distrust between the two.

“I really did think that like she was there for me and like trying to look out for me when she went over there,” but Maya eventually also asked Adrianah to downplay the situation.

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The handling of this topic is still clearly a raw subject for Lee, as she discussed the response to her story in more detail on her Twitch channel.

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