Asmongold calls out “pathetic” Amouranth viewers for demanding refunds

Asmongold on TwitchAsmongold

Asmongold has called out Amouranth viewers who demanded refunds after finding out the Twitch streamer was married, calling them “pathetic” for being so delusional.

Amouranth recently went live with a shocking Twitch broadcast on October 15, where the streamer revealed the alleged abuse from her husband. This news was obviously shocking for both her fans and those who know her, with many of the Twitch star’s community coming together to share their support.

However, there have been a number of Amouranth viewers who have been less sympathetic to her recent news. Following on from the livestream, certain members of her community have demanded that Amouranth refund their money after finding out she isn’t single.

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Asmongold has been keen to highlight how “pathetic” these individuals are and that they should be “ashamed” of themselves for making such demands.

Asmongold calls out Amouranth viewers

During his recent stream, Asmongold responded to Amouranth fans that had demanded refunds after finding out the streamer is married. In fact, one such viewer demanded that the Twitch star return them the 3k they supposedly gave her, which Asmongold was keen to highlight.

“I think that you’re a f*cking idiot, giving her three thousand dollars – I don’t think it’s ok at all,” responded Asmongold. “You should be ashamed of yourself, you’re pathetic, and you deserve to lose your money.”

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“Hey don’t worry about it, think of it as you just paid three thousand dollars for a life lesson. Now, this might not be the first time or last time that you’ve learned that lesson, but it’s another episode.”

Asmongold was keen to highlight that people that did donate to Amouranth never had a shot at dating the Twitch star anyway. He revealed that Amouranth never forced her viewers to donate money, while also highlighting that it would never have led to her acknowledging them in the first place.

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“I think these people deserve to be taken advantage of,” said Asmongold. “I think people like that are just pathetic, and they deserved to be treated that way. Maybe it’s just a stupid tax and I have no sympathy for them.”

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