Emiru calls CodeMiko “fake as f**k” as she reacts to statement on Mizkif drama

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Returning from her trip to Hawaii, CodeMiko had quite a lot of Twitch drama to catch up on, but her reaction to Emiru’s statement on the Mizkif allegations drew spiteful words from the OTK streamer.

On September 15, popular Vtuber and variety streamer CodeMiko went live on Twitch for her first stream since her Hawaiian vacation. And since she was gone for a while, she missed some of the drama that has ensued on Twitch over the past seven days.

This included Emiru’s response to the allegations lobbied at Mizkif. Both streamers being a part of OTK and Mizkif seemingly helping Emiru through rough times, Emiru defended Mizkif and denied he had any knowledge of the full story regarding CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee.

But Miko was skeptical of whether to not Emiru was being genuine and even paused the response video to make comments. Miko scrunched her nose at one point before stating, “What the heck? What was that? Did [Emiru] just smile? Was that a smile? That was a little weird.”

Emiru responds to CodeMiko in Twitch chat

Miko would pause the video several more times to either point out a weird facial expression or address her chat and later stated that she wasn’t going to claim whether Emiru was fake crying or not. However, she did question why Emiru was getting involved in the drama instead of ignoring it like Nick ‘Nmplol’ Polom.

While Miko continued to react to the clip, Emiru appeared in her chat to call out the streamer. At 3:05:15, Emiru can be seen in chat stating, “what is wrong with you” before following it up with “fake as f**k”.

emiru in codemiko stream

Despite responding to her chat quite frequently during the stream, Miko did not acknowledge the messages from Emiru. Even while her viewers spammed replies to Emiru, Miko ignored them.

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