Adriana Chechik slams haters making her “the bad guy” after TwitchCon injury

Adraina Chechick hits back at critics making her the bad guy over twitchcon injuriesYouTube: Holly Randall Unfiltered

Streamer Adriana Chechik is hitting back at critics who are making her “the bad guy” after sustaining major back injuries in a foam pit accident at TwitchCon 2022.

TwitchCon 2022 took place in San Diego, California this October — and although the event saw massive viewership from fans tuning in all around the world, not everything went off without a hitch.

Most notably, several individuals reported being injured in TwitchCon’s foam pit, an attraction that was reportedly organized by Lenovo and Intel.

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The pit was full of knee-deep foam, and participants could ‘fight’ each other by trying to knock each other off of two raised platforms into the foam blocks below.

Adriana Chechik was one of the participants who was injured in the pit. After successfully winning a ‘battle’ against another streamer, she jumped up in a toe-touch before falling into the pit — subsequently breaking her back in two places after landing directly on her tailbone.

Chechik says that she has to undergo multiple surgeries as a result of her injuries and even needs a rod in her back. The incident has sparked quite the conversation online, with many viewers levying a critical eye toward the TwitchCon organizers, alongside Lenovo and Intel.

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Adriana Chechik hits back at critics blaming her for TwitchCon foam pit injuries

However, others have been critical of Chechik and those who were injured, with some blaming her for her injuries and trusting the foam to catch her fall — but Chechik is hitting back at these accusations.

“For the people asking why did you jump — don’t try and turn me into the bad guy,” she said in a pointed tweet. “I am among all those who assumed it was met with proper safety precautions. It’s like getting into a car assuming the air bag will work and it doesn’t. I’m not at fault. None of the victims injured are.”

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“Goodnight, wiggle your toes, and send strength to all those who have trouble walking or suffer from ailments and handicaps!” she added. “They are amazing for fighting through this pain!”

Chechik most recently revealed that she’s undergoing her second surgery today, October 14, with fans wishing her well as she continues to struggle with the aftermath of a brutal injury that has viewers across the internet demanding answers.

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