Pokimane slams Corrina Kopf for promoting “illegal” crypto schemes amid Twitch gambling feud

Pokimane slams corinna kopf over twitch gambling feudTwitch: pokimane / Instagram, Twitter: corinnakopf

Pokimane is hitting back at Corinna Kopf after the former Facebook Gaming streamer accused Poki of promoting gambling during an older video amid the current betting drama on Twitch.

Twitch is rife with drama at the moment — a large chunk of it being backlash around streamers who gamble on the Amazon-owned platform.

Amid this turmoil, Twitch placed restrictions on streaming certain betting websites, earning praise from many users and broadcasters alike.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was at the forefront of this conversation. Before Twitch’s gambling ban, she notably posted a viral Tweet that read, “Like if Twitch should ban gambling,” after fellow streamer Sliker revealed he’d scammed friends and fans out of thousands of dollars to sate a gambling addiction.

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In an unexpected turn of events, streamer Corinna Kopf threw shade toward Pokimane, accusing Anys of promoting gambling in one of her older YouTube videos.

Pokimane accuses Corrina Kopf of promoting “illegal crypto gambling websites”

Pokimane has taken notice of Kopf’s comments and gave a pointed reply in a recent Twitch stream where she hit back at the star for allegedly promoting “illegal crypto gambling websites.”

“Wow, thank you for the amazing suggestion, Corinna,” Poki said sarcastically. “Now that you’ve lost your job promoting illegal crypto gambling websites, would you like to join my YouTube editing team? Is that what you’re asking here?”

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She also said that she was not the one gambling in the short clip, but instead claimed that it was one of her friends who was streaming the content.

“I’m pretty sure someone said in this video I explained that it was my friend doing that and I was surprised. I was like, ‘Oh, what are they doing?'”

Corinna has since shot back at Pokimane’s latest comments, making a jab at the streamer for possibly getting her “banned” from Twitch — as though implying Anys’s potential connections at the site would punish Kopf for speaking against her.

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In contrast to Pokimane, Kopf has expressed some discontent with Twitch’s gambling ban, saying “Everyone is so soft nowadays. You are influenced to do so many things that are not good for you financially, physically, and mentally every day.”

While it’s clear these two stars are not on good terms right now, viewers are certain their beef would make excellent fodder for a boxing match — and with Creator Clash 2 getting officially announced, fans are already itching for these two to get added to the card.

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