Dr Disrespect slams Twitch as a “sh*t platform” after slew of controversy

Dylan Horetski
Dr Disrespect looking at camera and talking

Dr Disrespect slammed Twitch as a “sh*t platform” just hours after the Amazon-owned site published a blog about their take on sub-revenue split.

Over the last few days, some of the top streamers on Twitch have been surrounded by a slew of controversies. Sliker was accused of scamming hundreds of his fans out of money, Inflammatory messages from Mizkif were leaked that led to his temporary removal from OTK, and more.

Streamers began calling for a ban on gambling streams, which happened on September 21, and was followed by Twitch denying the request for streamers to get a 70/30 sub-revenue split due to the “high cost” of running the platform.

Now, Dr Disrespect joined the conversations surrounding Twitch in a recent post on Twitter.

Dr Disrespect slams Twitch

On September 21, Dr Disrespect posted a tweet on his Twitter account.

He didn’t make it clear what part of the recent drama surrounding the platform the tweet is in reference to, however.

He said: “Twitch turned into a shit platform, didn’t it. What goes around comes around.”

Doc was hit with a ban from the platform in June 2020, shocking fans in the process.

It was revealed in March 2022 that the legal dispute between Doc and Twitch was resolved, however, no other information was released at that time.

At the time of writing, the reasoning behind the ban is still unknown. This isn’t the first time that the Two-Time has taken a public swipe at the platform, either.

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