Trainwreck reveals future plans following Twitch gambling ban

trainwreck sitting during a streamTwitch, Trainwreck

Trainwreck is set to be one of the many people affected by Twitch’s clamping down on gambling, thanks to the new ban, and the streamer has discussed what his plans are once it’s active.

The conversation about Twitch gambling streams has been a controversial subject for a long time now with many people growing concerned about the impact they have on younger audiences.

Some of the platform’s favorite streamers such as xQc are notorious for betting insane amounts of money during streams, but with the knowledge that whatever they lose they will recoup a lot of it back through sponsorships and donations.

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This isn’t always the case though and some Twitch streamers have put themselves in trouble after gambling tons of money through Twitch.

Twitch seems to have been relaxed about gambling, despite calls for it to be removed from the streaming service, and on September 20, 2022, the platform formally announced that there would be a gambling ban on betting streams going live on October 18, 2022.

Many people have questioned the effect this could have on big-name streamers such as Trainwreck and he has since clarified his position.

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Twitch gambling ban to affect Trainwreck and other streamers

“As long as they pay me $100 million a month I’m cool,” he said on YouTuber Destiny’s livestream regarding his sponsorships and the money he gains through them.

“See, the problem with me has ever been that, the problem with me is, I don’t know if I can” [stop gambling huge money spins on Slots].

He goes on to say that he has no concerns about continuing on his gambling streams in one form or another, but he has concerns about how sustainable they will be: “The question here isn’t will the intensity of my bets go down, the question is, how fast will each individual daily stream end?”

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The topic of Trainwreck’s funds and potential future debt was also discussed and Trainwreck made it clear: “When I hook friends up with the juice, I expect nothing. But I always add that little joke in – listen bro don’t worry about it, but if I’m homeless in 25 years just buy me dinner for a night and we’ll be even.”

Twitch have been specific about the gambling ban stating that it will only apply to content featuring “slots, roulettes, or dice games.” It will not apply to “sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker.”

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So, as long as Trainwreck adopts his betting approach, Twitch can still remain his home for gambling moving forward. If he decides against this approach, then it’s clear the streamer is going to look elsewhere to satisfy his streaming desires.

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