Asmongold wants CrazySlick to “die” and threatens to cut ties with Mizkif over allegations

Carver Fisher
Asmongold CrazySlick twitch

Asmongold has said he wants CrazySlick to “die”, following allegations of sexual assault levied against the Twitch streamer, following drama that erupted between fellow streamers Mizkif and Trainwreck.

Asmongold, one of the biggest OTK streamers, was reacting to the drama on his own stream, which has embroiled his OTK co-owner Mizkif in allegations of a cover-up, regarding allegations dating back to 2021.

Streamer AdrianahLee has claimed that she was assaulted by CrazySlick, and also alleged that Mizkif and then-girlfriend Maya worked to keep “crucial” information out of her original statement.

Asmongold to CrazySlick: “I hope you f***ing die”

While streaming, Asmongold voiced his disdain for CrazySlick following the allegations.

In a now-deleted Twitch clip, Asmongold said, “I f***ing hate you, I hope you die. I hope you f***ing die.”

Asmongold doubled down on this statement and clarified his stance in the clip as well. “In a video game? No, in real life”, concluding with, “No, I’m not kidding, he’s a piece of s***.”

Asmon threatens to cut ties with Mizkif

The OTK streamer also spoke about cutting ties with Mizkif. In the same stream, now unavailable on his channel, Asmongold vowed to cut ties with Mizkif if he himself doesn’t cut ties with CrazySlick.

Mizkif is also facing his own allegations, most notably IcePoseidon leaking DMs that appear to show Mizkif using both racist and homophobic slurs. However, Asmongold’s going to give Mizkif time to sort through everything being thrown his way.

Asmongold also vowed to cut ties with anyone else still associating with CrazySlick.

Since posting a now-deleted tweet denying the allegations, and comparing it to the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, CrazySlick has apparently gone missing. Asmongold also lambasted Slick’s Twitter response.

Mizkif went into his offline chat to ask for help: “None of us know where Slick is. Slick messaged some of us some farewells but he has yet to message us. If any of you have a contact or know anything about slick please let me know.”

Asmongold’s comments, hoping that CrazySlick “dies”, could risk breaching Twitch’s community guidelines, under the ‘violence and threats’ rules. Twitch has not taken any moderation action against his channel at the time of writing.

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