Sliker’s Twitch partner status and sub button disappear after scamming scandal


After a scandal involving SlikeR scamming his viewers and peers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars came to light, the Twitch streamer has lost his partner status and sub button.

ItsSliker, better known simply as Sliker, was the center of a controversy that came to light on Sunday, September 18. Allegations were made claiming that Sliker had scammed his friends and fans out of thousands of dollars to fuel his addiction to sports betting.

Sliker would go live on Twitch on Monday, September 19, to offer a tearful apology to those he had taken money from. But despite him admitting to the scams that spanned over two years, he still remained a partnered streamer on Twitch.

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This led to other streamers like Asmongold calling Twitch out on their apparent lack of action. It also resulted in Pokimane and Mizkif calling for gambling to be banned from the platform. And on September 20, both of these concerns were addressed on Twitch.

Sliker loses partnership and sub button on Twitch

Late on Tuesday, Twitch posted an official announcement on Twitter stating that it would be taking action against certain aspects of gambling on Twitch starting in October. And shortly after, it was discovered that Sliker’s channel was missing a few of the bells and whistles it had earlier that day.

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The Twitch Partner badge was missing from the streamer’s name, and there was no longer the option to subscribe.

itssliker twitch channelItsSliker (Twitch)
ItsSliker’s channel is now missing the partnership badge and subscribe button

As of right now, neither Sliker nor Twitch has made an official comment on the situation regarding his partnership. However, Twitch did state in their message regarding gambling that the actions are being made in light of people circumventing the rules and exposing the community to potential harm.

It is possible that Sliker has requested to have his partnership disbanded, but Twitch could have also stripped him from his partnership following the recent scandal.

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