Alinity claims police “can’t tell her if Amouranth is okay” following welfare check

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Alinity – a close friend and fellow streamer of Amouranth – has let her viewers know that she called the police to perform a welfare check on Amouranth following a concerning stream, and she claims they can’t tell her if she is okay or not.

On October 15, Amouranth went live on Twitch to reveal that she was stuck in an abusive marriage. This came as a shock to many of her viewers as a large portion of her fanbase believed the streamer to be single.

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She later revealed that her husband made her appear single so as to not hurt her brand. The stream also included a verbal argument between Amouranth and her husband, her showcasing damage he had dealt to her door and walls, and a look at the abusive texts he has sent her.

The stream ended abruptly after a female voice off-camera asked if Amouranth had taken her medication. This led a number of her fans and fellow streamers to grow concerned for her well-being, including her close friend Alinity.

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Alinity calls police for a welfare check on Amouranth

On October 16, Alinity went live on Twitch to discuss Amouranth’s situation. Alinity claimed she had unsuccessfully attempted to contact Amouranth, and then called the police and asked for them to perform a welfare check to see if she was okay.

“I woke up this morning and I saw the stuff on LSF, and I got a little concerned about Amo,” Alinity stated. “I tried reaching out and I couldn’t… So, I did a welfare check on her, and the police can’t tell me anything about whether or not she’s okay. And that’s literally all I know.”

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Alinity didn’t want to comment further on the matter but expressed that she was a little concerned and hoped that Amouranth was okay, and stated she wanted to hear from her soon.

As of the time of reporting, Amouranth has yet to make a statement easing the concerns of her fans and fellow streamers.

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