Amouranth returns to Twitch after domestic abuse bombshell: “I’m free”

Amouranth on TwitchTwitch: Amouranth

Two days after revealing abuse suffered at the hands of her husband, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa returned to Twitch and assured fans that she’s safe. Now seeking legal counsel, the streaming star is “happy” to be “free.”

Warning: Some readers may find aspects of the following article distressing.

Amouranth went live with a shocking Twitch broadcast on October 15, detailing a toxic marriage and alleged abuse suffered at the hands of her husband. In distressing text messages shown on stream, along with an explosive call while live, the partner was seen hurling insults and according to Amouranth, and even threatened to kill her dogs.

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The relationship was supposedly kept under wraps until this stream at his command. From his perspective, making their marriage public would have impacted their “business model”.

Since Amouranth’s last broadcast came to an end, the streamer has been silent. While others tried to check in on her and even get the police involved, it wasn’t until October 17 when her content team provided an update to assure concerned fans of her wellbeing. Now just hours later, Amouranth herself has returned to the spotlight, giving everyone a direct update into her ongoing situation.

“I think when he heard himself on that call, it really sunk in how much of an asshole he is,” Amouranth said early into her return stream. “It’s like he never f**king realized.

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“So as of today, I have access to all of my accounts and finances again. He’s not here, he’s seeking help. I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel.”

Initially, a major concern was Amouranth’s financial situation, with her partner maintaining control of their accounts at the time. Fortunately, it now appears the streamer has regained access but the process has been far from easy.

“That’s partly why I haven’t been on,” she continued. “Just dealing with everything. Lots of random visitors and cop calls. Very fun.”

Ultimately, her safety is paramount and currently “the situation is calm.

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“I’m positive about the future, I’m happy that I’m free. I’m glad the dogs are ok.”

As for her future in the space, now that her partner and his apparent manipulation has been exposed, Amouranth joked that she’s looking forward to “wearing clothes” on stream moving forward.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do next. Hopefully a lot more animal streams. It’s gonna take time to process. I don’t know when or if I’ll be back to a full-time schedule. At least for now I think I’m gonna take it easy.”

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If you’re suffering from domestic abuse, contact information for help is below:

  • US: 1-800-799-7233
  • CA: 1-866-863-0511
  • UK: 0808 2000 247