Hasan calls out Mizkif for “undermining” accusations against him amid OTK investigation

Hasan accuses Mizkif of underminig accusations amid investigationYouTube: HasanAbi / Twitch: Mizkif

Twitch star Hasan claims fellow streamer Mizkif is “undermining” accusations against him of allegedly covering up a sexual assault while OTK has hired a third party to investigate the situation.

In September 2022, Twitch star Mizkif was accused of purportedly covering up the sexual assault of a woman, an act that was allegedly carried out by streamer CrazySlick.

Mizkif was placed on leave from OTK, a streaming organization, amid the allegations, while they hired a third party to investigate the matter.

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Since then, Mizkif has been largely silent on social media — but on October 10, he returned to Twitch in his first live stream since going dark.

Mizkif Claims he's very confident in investigationTwitch: Mizkif
Mizkif returned to Twitch on October 10 with a brief statement on the ongoing investigation.

During his broadcast, Mizkif explained that he wasn’t able to discuss the situation as advised by his legal counsel, saying the serious incident is not “Twitch drama.”

However, before speaking on the subject, Mizkif was loath to address anything while fellow streamers Hasan and xQc were watching and sharing their own reactions with their audiences.

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While he attempted to wait them out, Mizkif played a parody of a sexual harassment PSA for use in the workplace — something that viewers found in poor taste.

Hasan reacts to Mizkif’s return to Twitch

Mizkif explained that he had been looking for a specific clip from sitcom ‘The Office,’ but stumbled upon that video instead. Hasan, however, feels that Mizkif was “undermining” the allegations against him by playing the video, especially in light of the legal investigation on the matter.

“Like, playing a sexual harassment video when you’re gonna talk about your involvement in what is otherwise potentially covering up sexual assault, you’re undermining your own argument, especially if there is an ongoing legal case,” Hasan argued.

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Hasan went on to admit that he didn’t expect Mizkif’s stream to play out the way it did and thought he’d “have a lengthy statement prepared” to discuss the allegations, saying his latest statement has only “extended” the drama.

For now, Mizkif is remaining silent on the matter as the investigation continues — an investigation he claims he’s “very confident” about.

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