Twitch streamer Wolfabelle calls out Mizkif after return stream: “He’s reacting as normal”

Terry Oh
Twitch streamers Wolfabelle and Mizkif

Variety Twitch streamer ‘Wolfabelle’ couldn’t believe OTK co-founder Mizkif could casually return to the streaming platform following an investigation opening into his conduct, easily hit 60,000 viewers without a hitch.

Towards the end of September, Twitch star Mizkif was placed on leave by OTK. During this leave, he took a break from streaming on Twitch alongside posting on social media.

This online absence occurred shortly after Mizkif received allegations of covering up sexual assault committed by Crazyslick, which, as of October 12, is an ongoing legal investigation.

On October 11 though, Mizkif returned to the streaming platform, which caused a stir in the space.

During his return, Mizkif hit 60,000 viewers on his livestream on Twitch, an incredibly impressive number. Many of his usual viewers welcomed him back with open arms. However, Twitch streamer Wolfabelle saw the viewership number and expressed her disgust.

“You know what’s f**ked up? That motherf**ker can come back to 60,000 viewers like nothing ever f**king happened. It actually annoys me,” she stated.

“Like, why are people not held accountable for their f**king things right now?” the streamer asked her Twitch chat.

“He’s just reacting as normal, nothing else. Doesn’t say anything, and then 60,000 people decide to come watch and see him do his normal streams. After all that sh*t.”

The investigation into Mizkif’s conduct is still open, but the star is “very confident” in how it is progressing.