Twitch boss explains why they can’t offer 70/30 sub-revenue split

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In a recent interview, Twitch VP of monetization Mike Minton explained why they can’t offer streamers the 70/30 sub-revenue split that everyone has been asking for.

Back on September 21, Twitch published a blog post detailing that they would not offer the highly sought-after 70/30 sub-revenue split due to the “high costs” of running the platform.

This quickly caused backlash from creators on the platform, with many taking to Twitch’s UserVoice forum to share their thoughts.

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The Washington Post interviewed Twitch’s VP of monetization Mike Minton, who gave more detail as to why they can’t offer the higher revenue option.

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Twitch boss explains why 70/30 won’t happen

Minton shared more detail on the larger things preventing the company from providing a larger revenue cut.

“It’s more about the other streamers that now feel like they have loss of something they can no longer attain. That leads to the question of, why not just give 70/30 to everybody, right,” Mike said. “We absolutely looked at all options to do that. What it comes down to is, those options were not viable for us as a long-term business.”

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Another major talking point surrounding the decision to not offer the 70/30 revenue share is the fact that Twitch is owned by Amazon, which brought it nearly 600 billion dollars in revenue last year.

According to Minton, it’s not quite that easy: “The reality is, as an Amazon-owned company, we have the same expectation as the rest of the Amazon ecosystem: we’re a sustainable, viable long-term business.”

Not to mention, Amazon does invest in Twitch quite a bit by offering users of the platform one free subscription a month, which is bundled into its variety of Prime offerings for the e-commerce site.

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It’s unknown if Twitch would ever reconsider its decision surrounding the sub-revenue split, but we’ll be sure to let you know if they do.

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