Asmongold, SweetAnita, & more call out “disrespectful” Twitch ad incentive program

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Twitch has rolled out its new ad incentive program to a large group of streamers, but some of the platform’s largest creators – including Asmongold and SweetAnita – aren’t happy with Twitch’s “disrespectful” incentives.

As the title states, the Twitch ad incentive program incentivizes streamers to run more ads per hour by offering them large sums of money per month. That sum increases as streamers run more and more ads per hour.

However, a large portion of the streaming community has expressed their discontent with Twitch’s expectations when it comes to the duration of ads. Others have shared they think the incentives for running ads are laughable.

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There are also streamers who are conflicted as Twitch is offering a considerable amount of money in exchange for 5-8 minutes of ad time per hour. Now, larger streamers like Asmongold, SweetAnita, and Distortion2 have weighed in on the latest platform news.

Twitch streamers feel “disrespected” by new ad incentives

The rumbling of further disappointment in Twitch’s revenue schemes began late on October 15 as streamers shared screenshots of the ad incentives offered to them. It quickly became a trend, with streamers comparing their ad revenue from months prior, what each incentive offered, and how enticing these deals seemed.

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SweetAnita was one streamer who showed how much she made from ad revenue in a month compared to her new ad incentive deal. Twitch’s new program offered her $1,096 a month to run 4 mins of ads each hour. However, she showed that a month prior she ran fewer ads and made $1,173.

Distortion2 – a prominent streamer in the Soulsborne speedrunning space – showed two of the incentives he was being offered. Twitch was willing to pay him $2,581 to stream 1 minute of ads per hour, but if he streamed 3 mins of ads per hour they would pay him $2,591. When looking at his metrics, that’s an extra $10 of revenue in exchange for 294 minutes of ad time.

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Asmongold and BoomerNA were among those who felt the increased ad time incentives are lethal to the platform. “Twitch is effectively paying streamers to kill their channel and ultimately the website,” Asmon wrote.

BoomerNA shared the incentives Twitch offered him stating, “The ad incentive now STARTS at 5 mins. Bro that was the MAX before.” He also questioned whether this new program was a way for Twitch to take itself down.

However, there are streamers who are having a difficult time turning down Twitch’s incentives. Vtuber MeowMoonified shared their incentives showing that Twitch was offering a 300%+ increase in monthly revenue if the streamer chose to run 3 or 4 minutes of ads per hour.

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Meow wrote, “this is f***n painful to reject, at least the higher offer, but I refuse to make my peeps sit thru 4 minutes of ads every stream.” That being said, the replies from her community are mostly supportive and urge her to the higher ad incentive deal.

These are just a few examples selected from the numerous streamers sharing their disappointment in the Twitch ad incentive program. With deals ranging from $14 per minute of ads to $2k+ per minute, the complaints also have a great deal of diversity.

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Regardless, it’s apparent that Twitch’s streamers don’t want to run ads to interrupt their viewer’s experiences. We will just have to wait and see how Twitch responds to the backlash this time.

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