Pokimane demands Twitch gambling ban following ItsSliker scam accusations

Shay Robson

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is calling for Twitch to ban gambling streams from the platform.

Gambling streams and concerns about advertising gambling have been a hot topic on Twitch for quite some time now.

With Twitch’s audience being primarily younger viewers, the Amazon-owned platform is keen to find some sort of solution, stating that they take “any potential harm to our community extremely seriously.”

Now, even Twitch’s top creators are calling for a crackdown on gambling content on the platform.

Pokimane calls for Twitch ban gambling streams

On September 18, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane — one of the platform’s biggest creators, with over 9M followers — put out a tweet calling for gambling streams to be banned.

“Like if twitch should ban gambling,” the Twitch star wrote, which so far has over 125k likes at the time of writing.

In other replies, she said: “Online gambling (and Twitch platforming it) allows for more people to become addicted and start at younger ages.

Following on from a message from a user that said the industry makes too much money to be stopped, Pokimane added: “Public pressure is needed imo. Obviously they won’t do anything as long as it’s free money for them, but that’s not an outcome I want or am OK with.”

The tweets from the female entertainer comes just after drama emerged in the community, as Twitch partner ‘ItsSliker’ was accused of scamming’ fans and fellow streamers for thousands of dollars.

He later confessed to the accusations on stream and admitted it was due to his crippling gambling addiction.

Many have sided with Pokimane, agreeing that Twitch needs to crack down on gambling streams in some way or another. On the other hand, others have disagreed, and noted content such as hot tub streams are just as bad.

Either way, it shouldn’t be too long until we see a response from Twitch, with such a large part of the community demanding for action to be taken.