Ludwig and Hasan confront xQc over Shitcamp comments

Ludwig slams xQc on hasan stream over shitcamp commentsTwitter: xQc / YouTube: Ludwig

Twitch stars Ludwig and Hasan confronted fellow streamer xQc after he admitted to using his breakup with ex-girlfriend Adept, among other reasons, for avoiding Shitcamp.

Earlier this month, popular Twitch personality QTCinderella orchestrated a massive event for her fellow streamers called ‘Shitcamp.’

However, one of the key streamers invited to the event didn’t show up: xQc. His absence prompted a string of heated tweets from Hasan, accusing him of “bailing” on camp at “the last second.”

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xQc notably claimed he wasn’t going to the event because Sodapoppin (a fan favorite from last year’s Shitcamp) wouldn’t be in attendance, as well as feeling the camp wouldn’t be fun — on top of his breakup from now ex-girlfriend Adept.

xQc’s absence from the event became a major talking point among creators and fans alike, with QTCinderella even making merch to commemorate the whole ordeal… but although Shitcamp is now over, the ensuing fallout is most decidedly not.

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Hasan confronted xQc about Shitcamp during a live stream on September 20, where xQc admitted that he’d used his breakup as an excuse for not attending QT’s $170k summer camp.

“I didn’t wanna go,” he said. “I did not wanna go to the event regardless. There were small things… things were heightened. A lot of things were part of that. I feel like there were not enough pebbles. If I had more? No, that’s not good enough. I said, okay, I’ll give them a little pebble here, a little pebble there. And the breakup was a mini-pebble in the tons of rocks that were in there.”

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“Bro, I don’t wanna cancel you,” Hasan shot back. “I want you to be a good person. I want you to be like 2019 xQc. Okay? That’s what I want. I want you to go back to being a normal person who’s kind and good to people.”

Ludwig also joined them in the broadcast, where he called xQc’s reasons for not going “fake” and “made up” and put him on the spot for “perpetuating the LiveStreamFail narrative that it would be ‘boring without Soda.'”

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“If your effort was to minimize the harm to the event, you at best did it in the dumbest way possible and at worst perpetuated was already making the event seem bad, which maybe was just an oversight,” Ludwig challenged.

“And then the sentence, ‘I need someone like Soda to run good stuff,’ implies that everyone there cannot run good stuff,” he continued. “‘I need someone like Soda to run good stuff,’ like without soda we can’t run good stuff.”

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This news follows a series of arguments between xQc and Hasan, with the two most recently butting heads over Hasan’s comments on xQc’s breakup.

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