MitchJones claims Mizkif ordered him and Maya to “downplay” CrazySlick allegations

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MitchJones has broken his silence to answer questions regarding his involvement in the alleged attempt by Mizkif to “cover up” the sexual assault accusation against CrazySlick.

On September 19, during a feud between Twitch streamers Mizkif and Trainwreck, allegations were made that Mizkif had orchestrated a cover-up of an alleged sexual assault against streamer Adrianah Lee.

This situation was brought to light by Trainwreck who stated, “Mizkif didn’t assault the women, he orchestrated the cover ups for his friends.” This was in reference to a situation from July of 2021 where Lee had posted a TwitLonger regarding an uncomfortable situation involving another streamer, CrazySlick.

According to the allegations, Mizkif had sent his then-girlfriend Maya Higa and streamer MitchJones to downplay what had happened to Lee during a party in 2020. Maya went live on Twitch on September 19 to address these claims stating that she did not downplay the situation. But MitchJones has told a different story.

MitchJones claims he was sent to “downplay” Lee’s claims

MitchJones would go live on Twitch on September 23 for the first time since July 2022 to “address everything that’s going on”. He started the stream by calling the situation “difficult” and “scary” before promising to tell the “entire truth” as he claimed there was a lot of misinformation being spread by those involved.

Struggling to turn his thoughts into words, Mitch eventually brought a second party on to help with a Q&A where he could tell his story while answering questions from his chat. The interviewer asked, “Did Miz explicitly give direction to you and Maya and whoever else was in that room to go to Adrianah’s house and to ‘downplay the situation or find a way to save Slick’s ass?'”

Without hesitation, Mitch claimed, “The answer to that is yes. That’s not easy for me to say, but that is the answer.”

Mitch went on to claim that he and Adrianah are friends and have been in communication during this entire situation. “She’s honestly terrified and she’s overwhelmed. She’s been crying non-stop. She was just saying, like, how thankful she was that I helped her get this story out.”

Earlier in the broadcast, Mitch claimed that he was the one that provided Adrianah with Trainwreck’s contact information so he could help with her situation. However, he noted multiple times throughout the broadcast that he felt as if Adrianah’s story was being misused as a weapon rather than a way for the victim to share their story.

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